November 11, 2011

If I had two extra hours in a day, how would I spend it?

Oh, I’ve got two more hours to spare in a day. That’s brilliant. Aw fabulous it is. Thank god. Mwaah. Then the question arises, what I would do with the 120 minutes? Mmmmm….let me think. Oh got it. I’ve got so many fantastic things to do, yes sooooo many. 

I’d open Yahoo Messenger, G Talk and Facebook straightway. In the Facebook, I’d write a salacious and lovely wall post and join my friends on a lively and steamy discussion. And in the chatting clients I’d pick my best chat buddies to have some delicious and lovely chat sessions.  Oh, I love chatting and would enjoy it to the fullest extent. Virtual life so…beautiful and dainty you’re. I just love you. Ah, delicious it is. 

And if internet fails, I’d try my cell phone and continue my virtual presence and dreams. 

And If, god forbid….everything fails, I’d grab a steamy novel and read it with rapt attention. I love reading and would certainly enjoy my time in the pages of book. 

Internet and reading books, I love and I’d always care to pass the extra time in the virtual world. Because the time we pass with blatant lies happens to be the best time of our lives. 

Then who cares…in the physical world there is mad rush, competition, jealousy…conspiracy, traffic snarl…I’ll be there in the virtual worlds where my friends…always praise me (Lie) they appreciate me (Lie) they support me (Though not really) when I feel low. They exhort me though not out of heart…when I feel like quitting or resigning. They miss me…though they don’t really miss me. They love me, though there is no chance of it. They smile with me share their spare time with me. And I need all those things that I never get in the physical world. They have got so many adjectives to describe my beauty and qualities though I know what I am and how far away from their descriptions. They would congratulate me; wish me with roses, best words that I never get in the physical world. They give virtual huggage, kiss and care. 

I love this world….that has unfolded many things and bestowed many things to me. This world is so beautiful….so full of lies but who knows that the physical world gives you, are not lies. 


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  1. A very very honest post. Best of Luck. Do check out my post too. Aye Zindagi!


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