October 22, 2010

Make a Mountain out of a mole hole

Some idioms. 

·       Make a Mountain out of a mole hole:  exaggerating or giving undue importance to a problem. 
·       Make a song and Dance:  making an unnecessary fuss about something that is not worth it.
·       Make hay while the sun shines: take advantage of an opportunity without wasting time.
·       Make no bones about it:  to be honest or truthful.  Straightforward.
·       Memory like a sieve:  oblivious nature.  Forget soon.
·       Milestone round your neck: a problem that prevents one from doing what one wants to do.
·       Mince words: unable to articulate the real intention.
·       Moral fibre: inner strength and conviction to do what one believes to be right in difficult situations.
·       Up for grabs: available to the first person who avails an opportunity.
·       Pain in the neck: very annoying and irritating.
·       Paint the town red: enjoy with friends, having lots of fun.
·       Pipe dream: unrealistic and impractical idea that is difficult to implement.
·       Pull the wool over someone’s eyes:  deceive or cheat.
·       Quiet as a mouse: no noise, silent.
·       Tough nut to crack: difficult situation or question.