April 29, 2010

Effective Public Speaking

You have a treasure of vocabulary terms related to various fields.  You know the rules, their uses and limitations.  You read a novel or newspaper and refer to a dictionary not frequently.  In other words, you have got a very good base. 

You can write small articles on general themes.  But what happens you falter while speaking to a group of people or addressing an unknown audience.  All of a sudden you begin stammering and choose to use individual words amidst your vernacular language. 

Don’t worry or feel disheartened, as this is normal with non native speakers.  Obviously, mastering a foreign language is not that easy but not difficult as well and this should be kept in mind.  Everyone experiences this kind of problem while speaking in English. 

Very often, I hear this kind of problem from my friends.  I also read this kind of problems by users in various English language forums.  People learning English language face the syndrome of ‘I can’t speak, you speak first.’

Those who have got their education in vernacular languages face this problem and it is but normal.  No doubt, those students who have got their education in English medium schools also face this problem but the percentage is meager as far as speaking in English is concerned.  

There are so many causes of this stammering or inhibition while speaking in English or presenting something to a group of people or attending a group discussion. 

  1. The fear to commit mistake always help choking while speaking.
  2. The phobia of being exposed and offended by others in case of mistakes.
  3. Mistakes makes a man perfect if one learns from them.  Don’t fear to commit mistakes but don’t repeat a mistake too.
  4. The audience phobia.
  5. Inferiority complexion.
  6. To think others as superior.
  7. Editing while speaking.
  8. Attempt to be flawless.

In a globalize world everyone wants to excel in his or her field and wants to stand out in crowd.  Those who have got good communication and presentation skill always stand out and receive encomiums from others.  They always taste success in their respective careers and skills. 

There are positive ways to improve and tackle this problem. 

  1. Be confident and believe in yourself or your skill.
  2. Be a good listener first.  A good speaker always happens to be good listener.  Those who don’t pay attention while other speakers tend to falter very often while speaking. 
  3. Know your skill or theme first then try to speak.  For this read newspaper, books, periodicals and listen to news. A good reader converse well.
  4. Be a keen observer.  Observe others closely.
  5. Develop a sense of humor and take everything lightly.  Always sport a smile and shed any fear or phobia or inhibition.
  6. Be positive in your attitude and try to accommodate opposite views even if you don’t subscribe to those view points.
  7. Be polite and praise others but don’t flatter.
  8. Right body language like eye contact is important. 

If you are attending a group discussion with known theme then do a research on the theme and gather as much information as possible.   This would allow you to present your view points in a persuasive and effective manner.

If you are asked to speak impromptu then your reading habit would help you in a great way.  Good speakers are good readers and as they read varied things they tend to present themselves effectively without any prior research. 

First know then present something.  Public speaking is a very important aspect of today’s requirement if you are pursuing a career out side your country.  If you are pursuing a career inside state or country then also you require skill in English language as today’s world is globalize and client base is not only intra national but international. 

Speak clearly and effectively.  Try to neutralize your accents and weed out local tinge as far as possible.  



  1. thanks. i am a very bad public speaker. hope this will help me to conquer my fear.

  2. Kurt what a pleasant surprise you came here! Thanks for the comment. I also wish you speak like a flow. How is your study going on?

  3. Everything is treating me well here. I still have 6 months to finish this off and go back to my hometown Malaysia for good. Seriously, can't wait!

  4. What a beautiful, simple and encouraging post. You have certainly done justice to our thoughts and have been able to throw some light on key areas. Would like to hear / read similar posts in the future.
    Thanks for sharing
    Barkha Dhar

  5. I also Thank for your post. I like speaking but in some cases I can not avoid the influence of my native language when it comes to me a sentence that I never use in earlier time. It could be for me to improve my listening activity. Stammering is also one of the big problem I have when I speak English in a forum. It would be better for me to apply your tips.

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