April 23, 2010

Dog In the Manger Policy

Dog (Noun): a four legged Carnivorous mammal, kept as pet or used for work or hunting. 
Dog (Verb): Follow closely and persistently. 
Younger one: Puppy.
Feminine: Bitch.
Common Gender: Dog.
Sound: Bark, Yelp, Howl. 
Varieties of dogs: German Shepherd, (Alsatian)pug, Labrador

Dog is a common household animal. Dog is said to be one of the faithful pets known for its strong smelling sense.  The life of stray dog is miserable but pet dog’s life is really comfortable.  Our finance minister takes good care of dogs as he always chooses to lower the tax on dog’s biscuits.  Lol. The usefulness of a dog is known to all.  Dog can show way to old people. Blind people always depend on their dogs to cross road.

Dog is used by the police organization for its sniffing ability to catch culprits.  It is also used by hunters for easy hunting. In Greenland Eskimos use dogs to draw sledge or sled.  Its vital presence in our social life has got a significant contribution to the vocabulary of English language.   It seems all the expression or idioms related to this animal are based on its life.

This is a small English vocabulary lesson on Dog.  Let’s have a look.  This lesson is based on various sources like Compact Oxford Reference Dictionary. 

Dog in the manger policy:  To disallow others to enjoy something that one does not like too.  {From the fable of the dog that lay in a manger to prevent ox and horse from eating the hay.}
Dog Collar: A white upright collar worn by the Christian clergy. 
Dog Days: The hottest period of the year.
Dog eared: adj. having worn or battered corners. 
Dog end: a cigarette end. 
Dogfight: a close combat between military aircraft. 
Dog fish: A small shark with a long tail living close to the seabed. 
Dogged: (Adj.) Very persistent.
Doggerel: Badly written verse.
Doggy bag: A bag used to take home left over food from a restaurant. 
Doggy paddle: a simple swimming stroke like that of a dog. 
Dog house: a dog’s kennel.
In the dog house: in disgrace. 
Dog leg: sharp bend. 
Dog tired: extremely tired.
Dog tooth: a small check pattern with notched corners. 
To be dog cheap: Extremely cheap.
To die like a dog: die miserably without care.
Go to the dogs:
Let sleeping dogs lie: don’t poke the sleeping problems.
Rain cats and dogs: Heavy downpour.
Not a dog’s chance: no chance.
Love me, love my dog: to love one’s relative or friends.

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  1. You know too much about dogs. I love it. Keep it up.


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