February 03, 2010

Technology and education

Today’s world is really complicated; thanks to the advent of technologies, human being has broadened his outlook and limit of thinking.  Technology has made possible the concept of globalization.  Globalization has posed new challenges to both policy makers and educators to devise new ways to meet the challenges thrown by globalization.  Shut your door, you would rue for the wind passing but not penetrating.  Be open and broad to take utmost benefit from globalization. 

Today in the era of globalization, no country is independent, having an independent set of foreign policies.  All countries are dependent or inter-dependent on each other or one another, on various matters like commerce, education, culture, science and technology or information technology and others of mutual or multilateral concern.  No country can live in complete seclusion from other parts of the world. 

And thanks to globalization time has come to rethink the education system of all countries.  Needless to say, education of all countries should be that broad like globalization.  Teachers or educators are well placed to initiate reforms in education sector.  As they are cogs of the education system, obviously, if reform of education sector comes, they should be involved in the process in a large way. 

We cannot ignore the administration and the administration should be there to facilitate things but not to regulate things.  Let ideas flow freely from the learned brains of educators.  The administration should keep a tab on such free deliberation or flow of ideas.  It should provide suitable platforms to facilitate easy flow of new ideas, so that a synthesis of various streams of ideas can be made.  Rigidity in any form should not be there, as rigidity closes the door of reform.  There should be commendable flexibility in sharing opinions.  All educators should be encouraged to participate in the process of reform.  On comprehensive deliberations, we can reach to an agreed set of reforms in the education sector.    
It is good that all have come to accept, that the need for change or reform is there.  This is but a beginning rather a welcome beginning.  We need to change our system and manner of teaching to equip our students with all possible knowledge.  Unless we give the benefit of technologies to our students, we cannot produce quality Human resources.  Quality human resources are but assets of a country and a country should direct a sizable part of its resources to produce quality professionals to serve the country in various forms. A country is said to be advanced according to the quality of its human resources. 

Internet has changed the way of thinking of many people and those who have got access to current technologies are well placed or have an edge.  Technologically forward areas and students are far better than those students without any access to technologies or internet.  Internet has certainly changed the outlook of people, as it has broadened the scope of thinking.

Investment on education is a social spending and instant profit is not there like other commercial activities. But we cannot live without education or infrastructural development.  It is the infrastructure that sustains all other structures.  Education is but a vital infrastructure that no country can afford to neglect.

Hence administration should be there to fund freely.  Educational projects should not be stalled for lack of fund.  Money should be directed to nurture a dedicated band of educators in Teachers training institute. Then well equipped school should be there to spread the benefit of education to all.  Administration should collaborate with parents for full participation of their wards. 

Education is a training process that equips one with all possible ways to face the music and solve every kind of problems.  Education is a dress material that everyone wears in one form or other but the beauty from that dress, lies in the wearer and the manner of dressing.  It is available for direction in whatever way one can and there lies the success or failure. 

Computer and internet has revolutionalised teaching and administration should provide technologies to all institutions to give the benefit of technologies to all students.  Days are coming when a classroom would be equipped with technologies.  Cell phone a small device that fosters easy communication at rock bottom rate has got immense potential and if used to its fullest extent it can help in easy learning.  Notes can be taken in class and those notes can be backed up using GPRS connection.  And the same can be accessed from any computer.  This is nothing but a rough copy.  Through internet the same cell phone can be used to learn or read many things while moving.  

Internet has helped in disseminating learning and of late blogs maintained by teachers or enthusiasts are but added benefit to the students. All school should have computer and internet connection so as to foster reading and learning. 

So are you ready for a new era of education?  I know you are.  Easy access to technologies means development.  Open for changes and be there to direct technologies in right direction.  Right technologies mean right development. Let the education change for the better and let resource constraints do not come in the way for change.  Administration be there to fund projects. 

Administration, educators and parents should collaborate freely for the betterment of an educational institution.  Each one should play its role in right way and should be flexible or open to new ideas.  The administration should give incentive like tax waiver to Donators who come forward to donate to educational sector.  Administration should also levy educational cess on various specialized services to develop education. 

Good luck to education and its development.  

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