February 22, 2010

Save Tiger: Only 1411 Left

Tiger (Panthera Tigris) is a ferocious animal of Felidae family.  Etymologically, speaking the word Tiger is derived from the Greek word Tigris after the name of the river Tigris.   It means an arrow in Arabic language.  The name is a reference to its speed and precision of attack on its prey.  It is largely found in Eastern and Southern Asian dense forests.  Tiger reminds dark vertical stripes on near white to reddish orange fur.  It is a carnivorous animal who hunts herbivorous animal like deer. 

In India the Royal Bengal Tiger found in the Sundarban Mangrove Forest on West Bengal is one of the largest.  Tiger grows up to 3.3 meters and weighs as much as 3 tons.  It loves dense vegetation and water.  Tiger needs dense and large forest coverage to help it camouflage its stripy body while hunting its prey.  It can swim and among animals is known as a very good swimmer. 

Regrettably, tiger population in India is dwindling gradually and tiger is declared an animal on the verge of extinction.  There are many causes of its depletion in number.  Among the principal causes we can count, loss of habitat due to large scale deforestation and poaching.  Poaching is a significant threat to tiger’s life.  It is believed that tiger claw, teeth, skin, hair and other parts of its body have got aphrodisiacal property. But there is no scientific evidence or research to corroborate the fact.  In many countries like India an China trade in Tigre related objects is illegal.

Way back in 1973 the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi thought to help raise the number of tiger and started the Project Tiger.  As a result of that decision today there are many tiger reserves like Sundarban and Similipal to breed and save the animal.  But still instead of rising the number is rising and today only 1411 tiger left in India

Tiger is the national animal of India as it symbolizes India’s wildlife wealth. Respect and revere our national animal and take resolve to rescue the animal from the verge of extinction.  Share and spread the message to as many people as possible to help generate a buzz and awareness about Tiger. 


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