February 02, 2010

The Younger Ones

In English language, there are special vocabulary items for younger animals.  It is nothing but to differentiate the younger ones from the older ones.  Here is a short lesson on the vocabulary terms to denote the younger ones of various animals. 
Bunny: A young rabbit. Also Kitten. 
Calf: A young cow or bull. Also, the young of some other large mammals like elephant
Colt: The young of a horse
Cub: The young of a fox, bear, lion, wolf or other carnivorous mammal.
Cygnet: A young swan.
Duckling: A young duck.
Eaglet: A young eagle.
Fawn: A young deer in its first year.
Foal: A young horse or related animal.
Gosling: A young goose.
Joey: A young Kangaroo.
Kid: A child or young person, a young goat.
Kit: A young Fox.
Kitten: A young cat, rabbit and beaver.  
Lamb: A young sheep.
Larvae: Bee
Leveret: A young hare in its first year.
Puppy: A young dog
Whelp: A Young Lion. 


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