November 28, 2009

English For International use

Here is a useful TED India video. It is about English language and its different uses in the international sphere. As the world is but a comity of nations dependent on each other for various needs and requirements like financial, political, economic, social, bilateral or multi-lateral nature the language of English is but a useful bridge to help foster international friendship, mutual understanding or multi-lateral talks. The speaker is Jay Walker and the video is a part of the series of talks by TEDtalks. Well, no more. Here i go.


  1. Hi Sudam,
    This is very compact presentation for a good cause. I'm uncomfortable with his term "English Mania", though. It's clear that English is the main language of opportunity and that learning the language is a huge investment for pupils that requires lots of motivation and very hard work. I'm glad whenever pupils find that motivation in an inspired teacher, in a postive community and in cultural elements that draw them in intrinsically. I wouldn't call enthusiasm a "mania".

  2. He seems to have used Mania in a positive sense as he has quoted Beatles mania and others. Anyway, he has analyzed the need of English in a lucid way.

    When i learned English there was no such mania nor any motivation as my parents not aware of any uses of English. I was quite comfortable with English right from the beginning. I would skip mathematics and was a dull as far as mathematics is concerned.

    As time passed i learned the benefit of English language. This language has widened my knowledge and led me to the land of opportunities.

    I am very happy that at least i interact with people around the world through chatting, mailing and reading them. And i appreciate this bonding quality of English.

    I know many languages and among all i love English.

    Thanks for sharing the TED events with me and showing me the light to a vast array of original ideas.

    And thank for dropping by.

  3. Great idea! it helpful for learning English and you are doing very well job.

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