October 25, 2009

Vocabulary from Animals 3

Here is the final part of the series Vocabulary from Animals.  The links for the other two posts are given below.  

Monkey (Adj. Simian)
Monkey (n): A mischievous person
Monkey about: Behave in a stupid or careless way
Monkey wrench: An adjustable spanner
Monkey’s wedding: A simultaneous occurrence of sunshine and drizzle
Have a monkey on your back: To have an addiction to drugs

Wolf   (Adj. Lupine)
Wolf: A man given to seducing women
Wolf down: Devour something greedily
Wolf whistle: A whistle indicating sexual admiration
Cry Wolf: Raise repeated false alarms
Have a wolf in the stomach: To be ravenously hungry

Tiger (Adj. Tigrine)
Tiger: A cruel or formidable person
Tigerish: Fierce tempered
Tiger footed: Fiercely swift
Paper Tiger: An opponent who seems strong but is actually weak
Snake (Adj. Ophidian)
Snake (n): Someone who cannot be trusted
Snaky: Cold and cunning; ungrateful
Snake-hipped: slim-hipped
Snake along: Move in long twisting curves
Snake in the grass: A lurking danger, a person who injures furtively

Rat (Adj. Murine)
Rat (n): A traitor, a mean, untrustworthy person
Ratty: Irritable, bad-tempered
Rat on: betray somebody’s trust.
Rat pack: A group of aggressively journalists and photographers.
                  : Rowdy gang of youngsters
Rat race: a fiercely competitive struggle for power, position, wealth etc.
Smell a rat: Guess that something wrong is happening
Like rats deserting a sinking ship: people leaving an organization when it is in trouble.

Donkey (Adj. Asinine)
Donkey vote: A system of voting in which preferences are marked in the order in the ballot paper
Donkey: A stupid or foolish person
Donkey engine: A small auxiliary engine
Donkey jacket: A thick weather proof jacket
Donkey work:  drudgery, laborious part of a job
Donkey’s years: a very long time
Talk the hind leg off a donkey: Talk continuously
Fox (Adj. Vulpine)
Fox:  A sly, cunning person
Foxy: clever in a deceitful way
Fox hole: A hole in the ground used as a shelter
Fox trot: A type of ballroom dance

Squirrel (Adj. Sciurine)
Squirrel: A hoarder
Squirrelly: Very eccentric or odd
Squirrel away: Keep valuables in a safe place to use later
Squirrel cage:  A dull, purposeless task.
Ape (Adj. Simian)
Ape: An imitator
Ape: To mimic
Go ape: To become crazy
Mule (Adj. Mulish)
Mule: A stupid or obstinate person, a drug courier
Mulish: stubborn, obstinate and unwilling to cooperate

Buffalo (Adj. bubaline)
Buffalo: To intimidate
Buffalo grass: grown as a lawn grass
Buffalo wings: Crispy spicy chicken wings

Elephant (Adj. Elephantine)
Elephantine: Clumsy and unwieldy (Size)
                        : Reliable and extensive (Memory)
White elephant: A possession that is useless or troublesome

Crocodile tears: False tears or sorrow without heart-felt feelings
Stag party: A bachelor party on the eve of a man’s wedding.

So here comes the end of the third part of the series Vocabulary from Animals.  Here are the links to other two posts for your quick access.
Bye for now. 

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