October 21, 2009

Vocabulary from Animals

English vocabulary is rich, as it derives words from various sources.  Like colors, numbers even animal world has also influenced its vocabulary in a great way.  Here is a list of vocabulary related to animals.


Bull: Adj. Taurine
Bull: (N) a strong and heavy set of man, a man who anticipates a rise in the price of shares. 
Bull Dance: A dance of men only. 
Bull-headed: Obstinate and uncooperative. 
Bull’s eye: The centre of target. 
Bulldoze: Use force to persuade some one, intimidate. 
Like a bull in a China Shop:  Behaving clumsily in a delicate situation. 

Cat: Adj. Feline
Cat (n): A malicious or spite woman.
Catnap: A short sleep during the day without lying down.
Cat’s eye: A reflector, Reflective studs marking lanes/ streets.
Cat walk: A narrow platform for the models in a fashion show.  Walk in ramp.
Rain cats and dogs: heavy rain.
Let the cat out of the bag: To reveal a secret unintentionally.
See which way the cat jumps: Wait and see how things are going to turn out.

Dog: Adj. Canine
Dog (V) Pursue, follow closely and persistently.
Dogged: Stubbornly determined.
Dog end: Something left over.
Go to the dogs: Deteriorate, get much worse.
Dog’s chance: No chance.
Dog-eat-dog: Ruthless pursuit of one’s own interest.
Underdog: A person who is weak and is treated badly.
Dog in the manger: Someone who prevents others from using something even though he has no use of it.

Goat: Adj. Caprine
Goat (n): A lecherous man who annoys women.
Goatee: A small pointed beard on the end of a man’s chin.
Scapegoat: person blamed or punished for the fault of others.
Play the giddy goat: Behave in a silly way.

Hare: Adj. Leporine
Hare (V): Run very fast, usually in an uncontrolled way.
Start a hare: Raise a topic of conversation.
Hare-brained: Not practical, foolish.
Hare lip: Cleft lip.
Run with the hare and hunt with hounds: Try to support both sides in an argument.
Horse: Adj. Equine
Horse (sl) A heroine.
Dark horse: Little known person who wins unexpectedly.
White horse: A willing and obliging worker.
Horse sense: Shrewd bargaining.
Straight from the horse’s mouth: Information from a person having direct knowledge.
Friends and followers, this much for today.  I am very sorry for not updating my blog that frequently for quite sometime.  At present I am busy writing my second novel.  At the same time I am also busy preparing for the Nanowrimo 2009.  So, till the end of November, I may not be able to update this blog that frequently.  Sorry for the inconvenience but please bear with the temporary phase.  

The blogger. 

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