October 22, 2009

Vocabulary from Animals 2

Here is the second part of Vocabulary from Animals.  The first can be accessed here.
Pig: Adj. Porcine
Pig (N): A greedy, dirty, obstinate person.
Pigheaded: Stupidly stubborn, obstinate.

Pigsty: A dirty or untidy place.
Piggy Back: Ride on someone’s back and shoulders.
Cow: Adj. Bovine
Cow (v): To Intimidate, to frighten somebody into submission.
Cowish: Cowardly.
Cow College: A college in a remote rural area.
Cow boy: A dishonest, reckless or unqualified businessman.
Till the cows come home: For an indefinitely long time.
Rabbit: Adj. Leporine
Rabbit (n): A novice, a beginner or unskillful player of a game.
Rabbit on: to chatter, talk excessively in an annoying way.
Rabbit punch: hit on the nape of the neck with the side of the hand.
Rabbit food: A vegetarian diet providing insufficient nutrition.
Sheep: Adj. Ovine
Sheep (n): A shy, easily led person.
Sheepish: Embarrassed, uncomfortable.
Black sheep: A disrespectful member of family.
Separate the sheep from the goats: Identify the people who are intelligent and successful.
Bear: Adj. Ursine
Bear (n): A rough, unmannerly person. Who anticipates fall in the price of shares.
Bear hug: a rough, tight embrace.
Bear garden:  A turbulent assembly.
Bugbear: An object of baseless fear.
Like a bear with a sore head: Very bed tempered.
Lion: Adj. Leonine.
Lion (n): a brave or celebrated person.
Lionize: treat someone as being important or famous.
Lion-hearted: Very brave.
The lion’s share: The largest or the best part.
In the lion’s: The lion’s share.
Will be back with the third part.  Till then it’s bye for now.
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