October 30, 2009

Thought Remained in Brain

Sitting on a train, stressed was my brain,
Saw a beauty bedecked, gave glee to brain.
Holding a hand fan, cuing again and again,
Gosh! Hijacked my peace, bubbled my brain.

A ray of smile, gathered my lips twosome,
Smiled she back, that struck my brain.
Fanning and stealing glances, my activities, the same.
Body like an alien crane, color colored my brain.

Eyes captivating and black, became I an instant insane,
Cerise chubby cheeks; went into coma my brain.
Lying on my berth, completely out of sense,                                        
Came she near, sense gained my brain.

How are you, asked she smiling, I had an incarnation,
Wish could have told, love you! Alas! Thought remain in brain. 

1 comment:

  1. My heart says u come and sit on my train
    sunday, monday, tomorrow the day after and agian and agian ...

    My journey becomes cool wind after rain
    and my mind is lifting up and up
    without crane

    You have written a nice poem

    "A thing of beauty is joy for ever"
    "Beauty is only skin deep"



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