October 30, 2009

Thought Remained in Brain

Sitting on a train, stressed was my brain,
Saw a beauty bedecked, gave glee to brain.
Holding a hand fan, cuing again and again,
Gosh! Hijacked my peace, bubbled my brain.

A ray of smile, gathered my lips twosome,
Smiled she back, that struck my brain.
Fanning and stealing glances, my activities, the same.
Body like an alien crane, color colored my brain.

Eyes captivating and black, became I an instant insane,
Cerise chubby cheeks; went into coma my brain.
Lying on my berth, completely out of sense,                                        
Came she near, sense gained my brain.

How are you, asked she smiling, I had an incarnation,
Wish could have told, love you! Alas! Thought remain in brain. 

October 25, 2009

Vocabulary from Animals 3

Here is the final part of the series Vocabulary from Animals.  The links for the other two posts are given below.  

Monkey (Adj. Simian)
Monkey (n): A mischievous person
Monkey about: Behave in a stupid or careless way
Monkey wrench: An adjustable spanner
Monkey’s wedding: A simultaneous occurrence of sunshine and drizzle
Have a monkey on your back: To have an addiction to drugs

Wolf   (Adj. Lupine)
Wolf: A man given to seducing women
Wolf down: Devour something greedily
Wolf whistle: A whistle indicating sexual admiration
Cry Wolf: Raise repeated false alarms
Have a wolf in the stomach: To be ravenously hungry

Tiger (Adj. Tigrine)
Tiger: A cruel or formidable person
Tigerish: Fierce tempered
Tiger footed: Fiercely swift
Paper Tiger: An opponent who seems strong but is actually weak
Snake (Adj. Ophidian)
Snake (n): Someone who cannot be trusted
Snaky: Cold and cunning; ungrateful
Snake-hipped: slim-hipped
Snake along: Move in long twisting curves
Snake in the grass: A lurking danger, a person who injures furtively

Rat (Adj. Murine)
Rat (n): A traitor, a mean, untrustworthy person
Ratty: Irritable, bad-tempered
Rat on: betray somebody’s trust.
Rat pack: A group of aggressively journalists and photographers.
                  : Rowdy gang of youngsters
Rat race: a fiercely competitive struggle for power, position, wealth etc.
Smell a rat: Guess that something wrong is happening
Like rats deserting a sinking ship: people leaving an organization when it is in trouble.

Donkey (Adj. Asinine)
Donkey vote: A system of voting in which preferences are marked in the order in the ballot paper
Donkey: A stupid or foolish person
Donkey engine: A small auxiliary engine
Donkey jacket: A thick weather proof jacket
Donkey work:  drudgery, laborious part of a job
Donkey’s years: a very long time
Talk the hind leg off a donkey: Talk continuously
Fox (Adj. Vulpine)
Fox:  A sly, cunning person
Foxy: clever in a deceitful way
Fox hole: A hole in the ground used as a shelter
Fox trot: A type of ballroom dance

Squirrel (Adj. Sciurine)
Squirrel: A hoarder
Squirrelly: Very eccentric or odd
Squirrel away: Keep valuables in a safe place to use later
Squirrel cage:  A dull, purposeless task.
Ape (Adj. Simian)
Ape: An imitator
Ape: To mimic
Go ape: To become crazy
Mule (Adj. Mulish)
Mule: A stupid or obstinate person, a drug courier
Mulish: stubborn, obstinate and unwilling to cooperate

Buffalo (Adj. bubaline)
Buffalo: To intimidate
Buffalo grass: grown as a lawn grass
Buffalo wings: Crispy spicy chicken wings

Elephant (Adj. Elephantine)
Elephantine: Clumsy and unwieldy (Size)
                        : Reliable and extensive (Memory)
White elephant: A possession that is useless or troublesome

Crocodile tears: False tears or sorrow without heart-felt feelings
Stag party: A bachelor party on the eve of a man’s wedding.

So here comes the end of the third part of the series Vocabulary from Animals.  Here are the links to other two posts for your quick access.
Bye for now. 

October 22, 2009

Vocabulary from Animals 2

Here is the second part of Vocabulary from Animals.  The first can be accessed here.
Pig: Adj. Porcine
Pig (N): A greedy, dirty, obstinate person.
Pigheaded: Stupidly stubborn, obstinate.

Pigsty: A dirty or untidy place.
Piggy Back: Ride on someone’s back and shoulders.
Cow: Adj. Bovine
Cow (v): To Intimidate, to frighten somebody into submission.
Cowish: Cowardly.
Cow College: A college in a remote rural area.
Cow boy: A dishonest, reckless or unqualified businessman.
Till the cows come home: For an indefinitely long time.
Rabbit: Adj. Leporine
Rabbit (n): A novice, a beginner or unskillful player of a game.
Rabbit on: to chatter, talk excessively in an annoying way.
Rabbit punch: hit on the nape of the neck with the side of the hand.
Rabbit food: A vegetarian diet providing insufficient nutrition.
Sheep: Adj. Ovine
Sheep (n): A shy, easily led person.
Sheepish: Embarrassed, uncomfortable.
Black sheep: A disrespectful member of family.
Separate the sheep from the goats: Identify the people who are intelligent and successful.
Bear: Adj. Ursine
Bear (n): A rough, unmannerly person. Who anticipates fall in the price of shares.
Bear hug: a rough, tight embrace.
Bear garden:  A turbulent assembly.
Bugbear: An object of baseless fear.
Like a bear with a sore head: Very bed tempered.
Lion: Adj. Leonine.
Lion (n): a brave or celebrated person.
Lionize: treat someone as being important or famous.
Lion-hearted: Very brave.
The lion’s share: The largest or the best part.
In the lion’s: The lion’s share.
Will be back with the third part.  Till then it’s bye for now.
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October 21, 2009

Vocabulary from Animals

English vocabulary is rich, as it derives words from various sources.  Like colors, numbers even animal world has also influenced its vocabulary in a great way.  Here is a list of vocabulary related to animals.


Bull: Adj. Taurine
Bull: (N) a strong and heavy set of man, a man who anticipates a rise in the price of shares. 
Bull Dance: A dance of men only. 
Bull-headed: Obstinate and uncooperative. 
Bull’s eye: The centre of target. 
Bulldoze: Use force to persuade some one, intimidate. 
Like a bull in a China Shop:  Behaving clumsily in a delicate situation. 

Cat: Adj. Feline
Cat (n): A malicious or spite woman.
Catnap: A short sleep during the day without lying down.
Cat’s eye: A reflector, Reflective studs marking lanes/ streets.
Cat walk: A narrow platform for the models in a fashion show.  Walk in ramp.
Rain cats and dogs: heavy rain.
Let the cat out of the bag: To reveal a secret unintentionally.
See which way the cat jumps: Wait and see how things are going to turn out.

Dog: Adj. Canine
Dog (V) Pursue, follow closely and persistently.
Dogged: Stubbornly determined.
Dog end: Something left over.
Go to the dogs: Deteriorate, get much worse.
Dog’s chance: No chance.
Dog-eat-dog: Ruthless pursuit of one’s own interest.
Underdog: A person who is weak and is treated badly.
Dog in the manger: Someone who prevents others from using something even though he has no use of it.

Goat: Adj. Caprine
Goat (n): A lecherous man who annoys women.
Goatee: A small pointed beard on the end of a man’s chin.
Scapegoat: person blamed or punished for the fault of others.
Play the giddy goat: Behave in a silly way.

Hare: Adj. Leporine
Hare (V): Run very fast, usually in an uncontrolled way.
Start a hare: Raise a topic of conversation.
Hare-brained: Not practical, foolish.
Hare lip: Cleft lip.
Run with the hare and hunt with hounds: Try to support both sides in an argument.
Horse: Adj. Equine
Horse (sl) A heroine.
Dark horse: Little known person who wins unexpectedly.
White horse: A willing and obliging worker.
Horse sense: Shrewd bargaining.
Straight from the horse’s mouth: Information from a person having direct knowledge.
Friends and followers, this much for today.  I am very sorry for not updating my blog that frequently for quite sometime.  At present I am busy writing my second novel.  At the same time I am also busy preparing for the Nanowrimo 2009.  So, till the end of November, I may not be able to update this blog that frequently.  Sorry for the inconvenience but please bear with the temporary phase.  

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