September 23, 2009

Fish Musing

It was a bright morning.  The sun was shinning brightly.  Daniel and John were sitting in the reading room of John.  They ended up the tea served by John's mother.  They were busy chatting on some expression about English vocabulary. 

"Hey, you have just back from theater, how was the film?”  asked Daniel.
“Oh, yes it was full of FISH FIGHTS, nothing special or fantastic, a boring one indeed,” replied John.
“Fish Fights? What does that expression mean?”
“Oh, this is only a fight between two.  It is slang,” John answered and continued, “You can say even a man fish.”
“Means? Fish can be used in other sense too?”  Daniel looked confused.
“Yes.  When you refer to a person as a “Fish” what you mean is he/she is stupid or very clumsy,” John elaborated. 
“Oh, there is another expression I have heard that is “Big Fish in a small pond.” I understand the expression but don’t know how to use it exactly.  Can you please elaborate?”
“Well, when you say that someone is a big fish in a small pond, it means that the person is an important person in a very small place or office.”
“I see.”
“You know about another expression Cold Fish?” John Asked.
“Cold fish, what does that mean?  Oh, I am confused even fish can be cold.”  Daniel was in a fix.
“Yes, there is one.  Here is an example.  His boss is a cold fish and it is very difficult to work with him. Did you get the meaning?” John asked.
“I see it is used as a negative word, but exactly cannot understand it.  Could you please elaborate further?”
“That means his boss is unfriendly.”  John smiled.
“Even you can refer to a person who happens to be reserve and does not show his emotions to others.  Rest assured you are not a cold fish.”

Both laughed.
“Have you ever used the expression ‘Fish or cut bait’ in your speaking or writing?”
“What, there is another one!  Oh fish, without water how come you live so easily.” Daniel smiled.
“Yes, you will have to ask the fish proper how it is living without water.  Lol. But as far as the meaning of the expression is concerned it is said to a person to finish a job or leave or quit,” John said.
“You might have heard Fishy?”  John asked Daniel.
“Fishy, is that a word?”
“Why not.  Just open your dictionary and see for yourself.”
“Oh, fish you are giving me trouble.  I will certainly fish you one day.”
“Okay.  Here is a google link that you can click and know for your self.”

“Okay, let’s wind up today’s session.  The air smells of fish and the fishiness of the air is just unbearable.  I think there is something fishy in today’s lesson as a fish might have fixed today’s discussion.  Lol. My mother has prepared fish and I will have to rush home as it is high time.” Daniel said

“So, good day to you friend.  But don’t forget to send me a sample,” John said and smiled. 
Both wound up their session.  

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