August 01, 2009

A Commentary on Comment

“Good post, Keep it up, Nice post, Good work,” all blogger are more or less known to such comment clichés. Blog is nothing but a personal or professional statement and a medium of interactions among like minded people. It is like an informal forum for furthering knowledge, fun or research or friendship. Every blogger maintains a comment form for easy interaction or healthy dissenting arguments. A blogger with a lot of research comes up with a post on a given theme. Straightway, the URL or link of the same post is pinged to all social medium like Facebook, Twitter, friendfeed, blogcatalog, mybloglog, stumble upon, technorati and Google reader. All come to know that so and so blog has posted a new post. Then like minded people or friends come to the blog to go through the new post.

Many kinds of readers come to the blog and those can be categorized as Unserious or Whimsical and Serious. Serious readers read the post with right earnest and after grasping the content they leave their thoughtful comments. They happen to be sincere and always follow their favorite blogs. They also bookmark the post in various sites. Some serious readers write long and relevant comments related to the post and these kinds of comments enhance the contents of the blog post. Sometimes, they also resort to Delicious spamming and leave such a comment. Some also analyze the post from a critical angle and provide extra or additional materials related to the posts are always welcome. 

Comments like good post, keep it up, good work, congratulation are called Delicious Spamming as they happen to be sweet and don’t in any way enhance the interaction or irritate the blogger. These kinds of comments also can be said as neutral, doing nothing substantial other than generating a bubbly feeling in the minds of blogger. Some even try to register their comments in a hurry and end up with writing something with grammatical or spelling mistakes or leave their comments in vernacular language which is not understandable by the blogger or reader. (T9 errors is an exception) This kind of readers comes in the category of un-serious readers. 

Of course, in vernacular language blogs, vernacular comments are always welcome. But in English language blog vernacular comments should not be made. There is a valid cause for this. Comment after submitting becomes the property of the blog and its readers. If one’s comments written in vernacular languages other that of English then one will be breaking the interaction and the same comment will be left out by the blogger or readers. Further one’s link will not be chased by any readers. In that case one shall be doing a disservice to one’s blog as very often these traces become a source of traffic to a blog. One should ensure that what one says is understood by all. At times vernacular language is used to leave something irritating. 

Comments serve many purposes. Some of them are:
• Extempore statement or reaction. 
• Signature link or comment luv links for traffic. 
• A way for widening the friendship. 
• Back links for Google page rank. 
Comments can be both Negative as well as Positive. Positive comments are always welcome by all and sundry. But not all give equal treatment to negative comments. Positive comments to praise or cajole the blogger or to be in the good book of the blogger are nothing but a kind of spam that I referred earlier as Delicious spamming. This kind of comment is made to show that “I am also here, hey I am here, don’t forget me.” They don’t serve any purpose or in any way contribute anything to the blog post. 
Negative comments or that falls on the guillotine. 
• Placing nonsense links. 
• Selling furniture or erotica. 
• Promoting one’s blog arrogantly. 
• Writing something Greek and Latin. 
• User name without any name but a combination of numeric and Shift key characters. (2601\\*&^ %) 
• Promising huge number of hits or money or promoting affiliate links. 
• Leaving a personal or semi personal message to the blogger. (many bloggers don’t leave their mail id, or maintain a contact me/us link, causes this) If even after these alternatives available one writes personal message then the message should go to the guillotine right way. 

Comment in vernacular blog is vital as they don’t enjoy search engine traffic. They always rely on organic traffic. Friends, fellow bloggers or connoisseurs known to the blogger or college friends or others visit these blogs and leave their comments. People tend to search keywords in the global site and in that case their keyword fails to come in the first or second page. If the same keyword is searched in local search engines then chances are there for their links to come up. But culture cannot be changed as global search engines have become brand name. No doubt local sites are also faring very well. 

Literary sites don’t fare well as they cannot be content writing and focus on a particular keyword. Further keyword density cannot be increased for obvious reason of tampering with the essence of a short story of poem. 

‘You comment, I follow’ ‘Leave a comment on the Above Blog’ These kinds of pressure tactics are but sham as comments are but spontaneous reaction of a reader or person in reaction to a stimulant that is a blog post. The spontaneity is the essential factor. Comments are not made doing research on Wikipedia or other such sites like blog posts. Obviously, they happen to a sudden reaction to an action if spoken in Archimedes way. Comment cannot be driven or flogged or pushed by a master or ordinance and streamlined or bought or traded. If such things are done then certainly the veracity of such comments are questioned. 

Comments go a long way in encouraging a bloggers and it should be the culmination of reading. Reading without comments shows that either the readers didn’t like the post or they lack time like millions of readers. An age has come now as people complain to themselves, “Oh I lack time.” But they lack time is not the truth as they happen to surf the net for more than four or five or even 10 hours. People go to Facebook and do some farces. They go to Orkut, myspace, hi5 or other such sites and participate in threads like ‘One letter changing game.’ They twit a lot about their hobbies or daily chores. They also play games in the internet. But sadly they also complain about the lack of time. Placing nonsense links on others blog posts selling some erotica or furniture or calicos as if this is also a game or good time pass. 

Commenting is a healthy culture which should be encouraged and aroused in the minds of the readers. Blogs heavily rely on comments. But blog posts should be that appealing, qualitative and thought provoking. There would be no comments on Pay per post or eulogy of a nonsense affiliate link. Do write something valuable posts for the community and engage some like minded people or fellow blogger for a fruitful blogging environment. 

Comment but don’t cajole or coat your comment with sugar. Be polite in dissenting. One must leaves his foot prints on the sand of a post that appeals one. In writing a post or article a lot of time is devoted towards searching relevant materials and weaving them into a single thread. A blog owner should reciprocate the commentator personally and should provide the subscription link to the comment so that personal or subsequent views are mailed to all commentators. This enhances the chain and interaction. This also ensures the return of the commentators that is good for the health of the blog and an encouragement for the blog owner for blogging consistently. Now it is up to you to consider in which category you fall. 

Ask some questions to your self. 

• Do you want people to comment on your blog post? 
• Do you comment regularly? 
• If not then how you cherish comments. 
• If yes then good and feel elated. 
• If want comments on your posts. 
• Comments consistently.
• Write good original contents. 
• Visits others blog regularly. 

Don’t comment to attract comment but comment on the merit of the content. Don’t cajole any blogger. Read when you have got spare time so that you can grasp the matter and there will be a spontaneous and sagacious response or reaction in your mind. So, do comment and get comment. Good luck and good bye.

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  1. You have given a detailed commentary on comment, including all aspects of the subject. Good work.

    All these possibilities arises if blogger has not enabled comment moderator, otherwise the blogger is totally responsible for comments posted on his blog post because he is the owner of the comment publishing button.

    It is seen that many bloggers allow anonymous or unregistered person, then the cry about their vulgarity or criticism. It is nothing but a tool of publicity.

    Comment differs to blogs from print media, as spontaneous reaction is charm of this medium which is not possible their.

    Not only this, today Many blogs has become a place of current international, social issues.

    As u said, there is no doubt friendly and sincere comments enrich blog post as well as blogger.

    "Write the blog posts and pass the comments>" :)



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