July 08, 2009


From where you came, God knows, 
For what descended, no one knows. 
Before six twenty, unknown to us, 
Tsunami Rounding the Windward Mark on the Insi...Image by Robert of Fairfax via Flickr

Aftermath, though not seen in presence. 
Heard the ghastly consequences, 
Indescribable, still dared to jot down.

In a flash, came you like lightening, 
With your chance escorts the quake king, 
With uncle and sol’s combination. 
Cross embraced hut and mansion. 
Engulfed all merciless like a demon, 
Count goes on with every second, 
God knows the ghastly end. 

Dare I ask you, oh, all devouring demons? 
From when, you became a man-eater? 
From when, you became a widow-maker? 
From when, you became a maker of orphan? 
No dog barking, neither cattle roaming, 
Heaps of corpses stinking, 
Vultures and dogs reveling, 
No quarrel, no snatching.
Stinking smoke filling the environ 
From the mass cremation around. 

Hindu ritual for the death.  Cremation.  Nepal.Image by ~Ans~ via Flickr

No one to solace and sooth 
No one knows who is consigned to wood. 
Only wailing million, no one to solace 
Oh! Almighty, is it your protection? 

Lord, how about bringing another Tsunami
With solace and shelter for all 
To all dejected face, soothing smile 
Light to everyone’s dark path 
How about dropping another bomb, 
To block Tsunami’s anger, 
Greeting Tsunami’s peace-loving brothers?

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  1. I enjoyed the poetic words, please continue with your writing .



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