May 06, 2009

What is That

What’s that,
That unites me,
With ye and ye with me?               
Without any media,
Without any cause.
What’s that,
That shows me your mien.

Perhaps, you too perceive me,
As if I was sitting in your front.
What’s that,
That causes mother’s realization,
About the hunger of her child,
That fills her breasts with nectar
And rears up Einstein and Budhha?
What’s that,
That gives me happiness in your presence,
Despite severed ties and interests, eons ago?

What’s that,
Distance losses relevance,
And time dissolves?
Has anyone perceived Time
Sitting by beloved?

Is that a perception?
Should I call that Love?
Name it, in whatever way you can,
As it makes no difference.
Contrary, it is not subject to naming,
Above all names.

That makes you common not specific.
That makes you simple not special.
That makes you younger, not old.
That liberates you from
The onus of Understanding.
And permits you to loss, without the
Thought of getting back.

That enhances the weight of martyr
In front of death and
Fill his heart with bliss and joy.

Because it’s not important,
What’s that.
Rather its presence is important.

Because that is that,
That makes us Human beings.
Its absence is absence of Humanity
And absence of Life.
Because it enlivens. 

I don’t want to know what’s that.
Earlier, I’d that inquisition but
Now I don’t want to know that.
But it is but final or fact.
It saves man from being a machine
And saves from being a monster. 

Thank you.

This is a translated poem from original Hindi.  The poem was originally written by one of my online friends named Arkjesh who blogs Anaupacharik in Hindi.   The original Hindi poem can be found here.

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