April 07, 2009

Words that go in pairs

In English languages there are a lot of words which go in pair.  In most cases both syllables rhyme with each other.  In fact these kinds of pair words are present in every language.  In Hindi, Oriya that I know there are a lot of similar vocabulary terms.  They not only express a correct meaning beautifully but deliciously too.  Let’s examine some pairs though in this blog post it is not possible to give a long list of similar words. 

·        Airy-fairy: foolishly idealistic and vague.
·        Dilly-dally: Dawdle or vacillate.  
·        Fuddy-duddy: A person who is very old-fashioned and pompous.
·        Harum-scarum: reckless, impetuous.
·        Helter-skelter: in disorderly haste or confusion.
·        Hocus-pocus: meaningless talk used to deceive.
·        Hodge-podge, hotchpotch: a confused mixture.
·        Hoity-toity: haughty.
·        Hunky-dory: excellent.
·        Hurly-burly: boisterous activity.
·        Itsy-bitsy, itty-bitty: very small.
·        Jiggery-pokery: deceitful or dishonest behavior.
·        Knick-knack: a small object in an ornament with little value.
·        Mish-mash: A confused mixture.
·        Namby-pamby: lacking courage or vigor.
·        Pell-mell: in a confused, rushed or disorderly way.
·        Pitter-patter: a sound as of quick light steps.
·        Riff-raff: disrespectful or undesirable people.
·        Roly-poly: round and plump.
·        Silly-bily: a silly person.
·        Teeny-weeny, teensy-weensy: very small.
·        Tell-tale: revealing or betraying something.
·        Tip-top: of very best, excellent.
·        Willy-nilly: whether one likes it or not, haphazardly.
·        Wishy-washy: (of drink and soup) weak or thin, feeble or insipid.
·        Chit-Chat: Small talks or some informal discussion, gossip.

Thank you for going through this post. 

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  1. Great post! Not wishy-washy or hoity toity, full of excellent chit-chat and generally honky-dory ;-)


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