April 27, 2009

Adding Suffix after Last consonant

Suffix is such an ending that gives a different meaning to the root words to which one add suffixes.  It is added or affixed to the end of a word.  Suffixes are used to make a Noun, Adjective and Adverb.  Different rules are applied while adding a suffix to a word.

Before a Suffix beginning with a Vowel (Single syllable root words):

Double the consonant at the end of a single syllable word when the last Consonant is preceded by a Vowel.  E.g: BaT: Batted, Batter, Batting

Other such words: Bed, Beg, Clap, Clip, Drop, Fat, Fit, Glad, Hit, Hop, Quit, Rub, Run, Sad, Ship, Sip, Sit, Skip, Slap, Slip, Squat, Stop, Tap, Ton, Trap, Trek, Sip.
Exceptions: (Where consonant remains single)

Effects of vowel preceding consonant

Whether the consonant at the end of a root stays single or double often depends on whether a vowel is preceding is pronounced long or short. 

Whether the Consonant is W, X or Y.
If the last consonant happens to W, X or Y and it is preceded by a Vowel, the last consonant remains single despite the rule. 

Some such words: Saw, Stew, Tow, Tax, Vex, Stay, Toy, Try.

Where the Consonant is preceded by Two Vowels:

Here also the consonant remains single though the last consonant is preceded by Vowel.  E.g.:  Beat, beater, beating.

Other such words: Boat, Creep, Droop, Group, Haul, Heap, Heat, Hoot, Leap, Loop. Sail, Seal, Sleep, Soap, Soar, Treat, Trail.  

If a vowel happens to be U with Q beginning the single Vowel rules applies and the last consonant is doubled.  The U after Q is not counted as a vowel (A part of a Digraph) as it only adds to the Q sound.   E.g. Quit: Quitting. Quiz: Quizzed, Quizzing.

Where there two Consonant at the end of a Root word:

The last consonant does not double.  For example: Fast, Halt, Turn.
This is about Mono syllable words.  The next post will on Multi-syllable words.  Till the next post, smile and wait.  Lol.  Follow my blog in Google Friend Connect so that you will remain posted about any updates.  Thanks

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