March 05, 2009

Mastering words

English as well as other languages of the world has got rich and varied vocabularies to describe micro situations in right way.  For example say you smile for something.  Smile is a generic term and is used synonymously with every kind of smiles.  We have got eerie laughter, laugh, guffaw, simper and grin and who knows you may have got many other synonyms for the word Smile.  Lol. So these are nothing but vocabularies to describe different kinds of smiles.  Synonyms means something near to the meaning or similar to the meaning.  But
Our sweet smile for you, my Dearest :-)..Have ...Image by Thai Jasmine via Flickr
if we define each and every word from etymological point of view, we will find that a synonym of a given word only differ in some ways and agrees in a many ways.  In English languages there are so many words to describe the right situation in a proper way.  So from hence forward Gammar 4 … will be featuring such words serially though it will not be possible like television serials to come back on same day and same time.  Lol.
So here is the first part of the series Mastering words 
Journey: travelling from one place to another especially to a far off place that one visits regularly. 
Trip: travelling to a place and coming back again, especially for a short visit.
Tour: an activity that involves going from place to place for tourism purpose.
Travel: an activity that involves going from place to place.
Voyage: a long journey especially in a ship.Vietnam Airlines 737Image by hurstville1 via Flickr

Bring: to take someone or something to the present place of the bringer.
Fetch: go to a place and come back with something.
Collect: to come to a place to take something or someone with him or her.
Pick Up: to go to a place where someone is waiting, especially in a pick up van like car or other vehicles and then take them to somewhere.  

I think I need to collect more information regarding the uses of English words and come back again to continue the series.  What do you say?  A rolling stone gathers no moss goes the saying.  So better read more about such synonymous and different words on some other day.  Keep tab with this blog to know more about such words and many other interesting known and unknown facts about your favorite language, the language of English.  So till the next lesson it is bye, bye for now. 

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  1. Great, am looking forward to more of these!

    Do continue with the series.


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