February 25, 2009

Word Power: The Crossword Way

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According to Will Shortz, editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle, perhaps as many as 50 million people do crosswords just in America. Whether this is your first puzzle ever or your fourth today, if you get stuck, OneAcross can help.

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Word power or vocabulary whatever you may choose to call is the vital necessity to speak correctly, express your ideas and views correctly with appropriate terms and to understand others correctly.  Speaking, writing and understanding all these three vital activities need a strong word power.  But words as far as English language is concerned not that easy to master and learn.  English is a living language and every other day it is seen that new words are being added to the dictionary thanks to its broad nature to adapt and adopt any vocabulary of any language. People using English as their second language might face some problems as English is not happened to be their primary language.  A majority of time they would talk in their local language.  But as English has become a universal language in every countries of the world it is being learned by all specially to equip themselves with a powerful language in which the world seems to talk and do business.  Further, to learn and understand English is in a way joining with the world literature of any genre.  A majority of specialized books on science, information technology, geography, medicine and others are available in English language.  Further, English language is so overpowering and overreaching that its vocabularies have made inroad into all language and at times it becomes next to impossible to search an equivalent term of an English word in other native languages.  
Enough is spoken on the vastness and richness of English language and all are agreed that they should learn the language for their benefit and betterment.  Even, every other day Grammar 4… attracts learners from across the world searching various terms of English language.  This proves the thirst and zeal of people of various countries to learn and master English. 
This blog is continuously trying its best to slake the thirst of English learners.  It is committed to all such learners and enthusiasts to provide relevant materials or way to learn the language.  Here I am with a review of a site that I discovered in the past week that will help all, to replete their brains with word power.  Amass as much vocabulary as possible to make yourself fully equipped to master the darling of the crowd, the English language.  

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Crosswords of English language are but an easy and useful way to learn new vocabularies and terms. The beginning text that I have quoted proves the popularity of cross word.  It is both enriching and entertaining.  In other words speaking it is learning through entertainment.  Do you solve cross word given in your favorite English newspaper?  If your answer is ‘No’ then I must say, you should do that everyday.         
oneacross.com as the site is known has got a plethora of resources to help you in acquiring and mastering new vocabularies for your daily use.  It has got special section on Cryptogram, Anagram and Reference.  It has got also a Forum on like minded people but now it is not active and offline.  But as the site says it will be started once again for the benefit of all.  The reference dictionary is powered by Wordnet.2.0 If you want to buy some related resources there is a section Store which is powered by Amazon.  
The key to solving the cross word puzzle is right there and in a section of the site the help is organized.  To find a related term or a synonym is too easy and just a click away.  Grammar 4… has also installed a widget of the site to complement this post.  You can check on your own how the gadget works.  But I would like, you visit the site proper and solve as many cross words as possible.  If you do consistently and use the terms in your writing and speaking then I must say one day you will solve the cross word on your own without the help of any site.  But to reach to such a position you need to be consistent and thirsty.  So are you going to the site proper?  If you are not reading an English newspaper and want to learn English language then I must say you are not sincere in your effort.  To learn a language you need to study the resources of the language.  And as far as English language is concerned, daily newspaper reading is one of cheapest and best medium to learn English language.
Arthur Wynne's original crossword puzzle from ...Image via Wikipedia
 What do you say? Have you made up your mind to solve crossword puzzle? Come on make it a habit.  Next morning, go get an English daily and try to solve the crossword puzzle given.  First try to solve easy words or words with less number of boxes, say words of three or two letters.  Then try to think other longer words with clues given.  If you cannot at that moment recollect the nearest word then oneacross.com is right there to help you supply the right term. 
Be patient, work on your memory.  Try to write down the terms that happen to be unknown to you or contextually unknown to you.  This habit will go a long way in making your crossword campaign somewhat easier.     I wish you gathered some new and interesting new words.
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