February 02, 2009

Interjection Musing

Interjections are used to express our emotions be it something surprising, disgusting, joyous, distressful painful etc.  Interjections are small words but while speaking or writing they work as magic in driving home the intended points.  It is also a part of speech.  People using English as their second language should master the use of Interjection to make their speaking or writing similar to native speakers.  Obviously, native speakers are adept in their language as you are adept in your language.  Solely on this point never express surprise or feel yourself somewhat secondary otherwise such negative feelings will block your learning and mastering the Queen’s language. 
So, how about learning some Interjections some familiar and some unfamiliar ones?  I know you will master those to make your emotions speak.  They are called emoticons of English language.  Obviously they are used to denote our emotions.  So here I go.
For more information about Interjection you can browse the following link.

  • Ah: Satisfaction, recognition etc. Ah, that’s just what I intended.
  • Aha: Jubilant satisfaction, Recognition
  • Aw: Expressing disappointment.
  • Cheers: That’s why we have cheerleaders.  Boosting confidence.  
  • Gosh:  Use to express surprise or give emphasis.                
  • Hip-hip hurray: Mark of celebration or jubilation.
  • Hurray, hurrah: mark jubilation or celebration for joy or victory.
  • Ouch: Pain.  Ouch, something pinched.
  • Ow: Pain.  Same as Ouch
  • Oh: This is used to express surprise.  Oh, what a beautiful scene.
  • Ooh: Pleasure, pain.
  • Oops: Used to show awareness of a mistake or minor accident.
  • Oh my: My goodness: goodness: used to express pleasant or unpleasant surprise.
  • Psst: Shit: used to express some disgusting feelings.
  • Poo: pooh: Exclamation derogatory
  • Shh: a sound to ask others to keep silent.
  • Tut tut. Tsk tsk: Shame, disgusting.
  • Ugh: Disgusting.
  • Wow: Great surprise. Wow, I got through the examination.
  • Yeah: Yea: denotes yes or approval.
  • Yippee: Excitement, delight.  Yippee, we’ve won the race.
Thank You. 

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