February 16, 2009

Emphasize your points

“You, hey you, yes I am talking with you,” a raised voice echoed.  This kind of repetition is meant for emphasis and always it works well.  The speaker gets the attention of the person.  We have got Question tag, Interjection and Inversion as instruments of emphasis.  Grammar 4 … has featured all such grammatical instruments.  If you want to go through those posts once again then please go down and follow the links.  Apart from question tag and interjection we have got so many methods to emphasize our points.  Further a raised voice also works fine in putting emphasis on something. 
A simple way that all know and use is the Exclamation.  Don’t you use that profusely with a raised eyebrow with supporting body languages?    
·        What a beautiful girl!
·        What a mesmerizing feat!
Exclamation is often shortened to the Noun phrase or Adjective phrase. 
·        What a girl!
·        What scenery!
·        What a blog!
Emphatic So and Such
·        The whole act was so boring.
·        It was such a beautiful movie.
·        I had no knowledge that she had such delicious thoughts.
Remember while speaking So and Such are stressed with a raised tone with supporting body languages. 
The blog design is very, very attractive.
Hey you, you Mr. Red shirt. 
The small village is far, far away from Lombardia. 
Intensifying Adverbs and Modifiers
Well, that’s very supportive indeed.
We are utterly helpless.
In speech, some Adjectives and Adverbs such as terrific, tremendous, awfully, terribly, sheer have little meaning other than their role of adding emphasis to something.  Both terribly and awfully can be used in both good and bad sense. 
·        He was just terribly beautiful.
·        Her role was awfully fantastic. 
·        It was a sheer loss of time.
·        They got tremendous success.
In addition to degree adverbs, certain adverbs like Really and Definitely have an emphatic effect.
·        Her dress definitely impressed me.
·        She was truly a great man.
·        She literally collapsed with heavy doses of laughter.
·        We really enjoyed her mimicry.
One can intensify the emphasis of a WH- question by adding Ever, On earth, what the hell, why the hell.
Why on earth didn’t you inform him? 
What the hell does he think?
Who the hell out there peeping?
How ever did they break the jail?
In writing ever is sometimes spelled as part of the Wh-word like whoever, whomever, wherever.  Why ever is always spelled as two words. 
There are so many grammatical instruments available to emphasize one’s points like use of negation, use of At all, Rhetoric question.  Further, in speaking English the body language is most vital.  Vocal chord, eye, eyebrow moment or gesticulations or stress on the moot points are some of the vital points one must not ignore while speaking. 
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So what do you say, he you yes I am asking you, you.  This much for now, rest on some other day.  Thank you. 

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