January 18, 2009

Words of sounds

In order to distinguish various people, we have got different names, haven't we?. And interestingly we have got different vocabulary terms to denote different sounds. Here is a list of different names for different sounds. This is but a small list and in the internet and related books you can discover various terms for different sounds. When you will be using these terms in you day to day writing and speaking, I am sure your writing or speaking will be appreciated for this literary touch. It is after continuous use you can master these vocabularies. So enjoy this collection and also let me know if you know any other, I would be happy to include those in this collection. This is only a collection and when I find others I would add those to this list. So enjoy this collection. You can mail this to your mail id for your record or collection.

• Beat of a drum
• Blaring of bands, trumpets
• Blowing of a bugle
• Booming of a gun
• Buzz of a telephone
• Call of a bugle
• Chattering of teeth
• Clanging of chains, hammers, arms
• Clatter of hoofs, plates
• Clinking of glasses, metal, keys
• Crackling of fire
• Crack of a whip
• Creaking of doors or shoes
• Hissing of steam
• Howling of wind
• Jingling of coins
• Lapping of water
• Patter of rain
• Pealing or ringing of bells
• Rattling of windows
• Roaring of guns
• Rustle of silk, leaves
• Shriek of a whistle
• Thundering or rumbling of clouds
• Sizzling of sausages
• Slam of a door
• Tick of a clock
• Toot of a horn
• Twang of a bow
• Whistling, roaring or howling of wind

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  1. Now that is a good article, very original too! I used to play the bugle..


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