January 28, 2009

Useful Download Links for English Books

Before going through the post: This is not a feature post or something like the concept of Pay Per Post. I am also not a member of such website. I am not paid a dime for this post. So, followers don’t think that I will be paid if you click any link given inside the post. The post is only in the interest of book lovers or knowledge seekers. Those who think they have enough of that kind of stuff in their book shelves then they can skip this post or refrain from clicking any link given inside the post.

If one is to gain knowledge the most authentic source is of course a book. Books are friends of knowledge seeker. So I think you would not mind downloading some free E-books related to English language and grammar or other subjects, would you? So here I narrate how I got the address of the website.

On the 26th January, 2009 I was browsing internet in Firefox. I have installed the Google toolbar. Suddenly I saw a mark in my Gmail Notifier about the arrival of a new mail. I clicked the link and hey presto I clicked the new mail. Someone from Pakistan had sent a link to me. Yes, he was someone and his mail was an unsolicited mail. I had no prior mailing or chatting or any kind of communication exchange with him. Though I seldom entertain such mail still I could not but opened the link and browsed the link given. He had asked me to browse a website with a plethora of links to download books related to English language and other subjects. I even downloaded one book “Concise Oxford English Dictionary” that is a good book with lot of resources on English vocabulary. Almost all words have their origin or year of introduction. (He got my mail address from an Orkut forum.)

The website is in nascent stage but the contents are marvelous and praiseworthy. After all, who does not want books from Cambridge and Oxford publication? I think all English lovers want those books in their shelf. The website only features links and does not store the books. In fact, the books are stored in Rapidshare or http://www.4shared.com. These are websites to which users upload their files or E-books or any digital or soft files for easy sharing. And later they are available for download. 

So if you want to download some books on English language you can visit the site and explore the relevant links given. By clicking a link will take you to the Rapidshare or http://www.4shared.com site from which your free download ticket will be prepared instantly within 30 seconds or 10 seconds as the case may be that varies from site to site. After the stipulated time a Download link will pop up for you to download your required book. You can download the intended book with any Download Manager installed in your computer or browser. If you use Opera browser then you need not worry as it has got a Download manager pre-installed. Those who have got broadband internet connection also need not worry for any Download Manager as it is meant for Global Packet Radio System or Dial up internet connections which are slow. Files are available in .PDF or .EXE .RAR formats. So, you need some common software to read .pdf file or extract .rar file. 

The links are organized in the side bar. The main body also features some books with their cover photographs. Not that it has got links for books about English language. In fact it has got links for other kinds of books that you can browse once you open the site proper. The website has got Google Adsense units, some camouflaged and some distinct. It lacks any Feedback Tab or Contact tab. It also lacks an ‘About Me’ section. 

So here I dedicate this post to all lovers of English language.

Disclaimer: This blogger is no way related to the website. All downloads are maintained or provided by the website with the help of Rapidshare or http://www.4shared.com.

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