January 09, 2009

Comparison of Adverb

Like adjective, adverb has also got Degrees. Degrees as you know are nothing but a gradation of an adjective or an adverb. There are three kinds of Degrees such as Positive, Comparative and Superlative. To avoid repetition of my earlier post on Degrees or Comparison, I would like you to read this post with my other post entitled Comparison of Adjective. As far as degree of conversion is concerned, the rules for adjective and adverb are the same. So let me inch forward for other aspects of adverbial comparison.

As Adverb As
This kind of construction is often used to compare two similar adverbs of same quality or standing. Sometimes, a manner of action is also compared using this kind of construction.
· She speaks English as fast as her son. (Both she and her son are equally fast)
· This train is as fast as the one that runs between London and Paris.
· He negotiated the turn as deftly as possible.
· She dived as carefully as possible into the pool.
Similarly, we also use similar construction using Not (Not As Adverb As) simply to show comparative dissimilarities of two similar adverbs.
· You didn’t write as much as I wrote.
· I didn’t reach home as early as my brother.
· I was not as late as my brother.
Twice as …as, three times as …as
(Sometimes thrice is also used but in modern English thrice is not used so frequently like once or twice and fast losing currency.)
· Owing to production cut, the oil price is twice as expensive as it was five years ago.
· He has got three times as much books as she had a year ago.
The Same As
· My problems are the same as yours.
· I am the same age as Ram’s elder brother.
Two comparatives are also used to show that something is changing continuously.
· It is getting darker and darker.
· It is becoming more and more difficult to cope with the depression.
· More and more people are buying I-phone.
The Comparative the comparative
We use this kind of kind construction to describe how one thing increases/decreases in relation to another.
· The larger the size of a file the greater the time it takes to download.
· The bigger your family is the bigger the budget.
· The sooner you finish, the sooner we will leave you.
· The more the merrier. (Merrier=More)
Again I would like you to go through with my post on Adjective as to avoid repetition; I have left many aspects of Degrees. So please read my posts with similar content to complete the theme of Comparison.
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