January 24, 2009

Break Please

Brake: (noun) Don’t you use this word in your daily writing or talking. Oh me, you use your Brakes while driving your car or motor cycle or cycle to ensure your safety as well as that of others, don’t you? This is such a ubiquitous word. Mind the spelling of the two words Brake and Break. The lever which arrests the speed of any carriage or vehicle is known as Brake. Further it also means a large wagon or open carriage. In railway, the wagon used in trains to load luggage is known as Brake Van.

Break: (verb) broke broken: separate into pieces as a result of a blow or strain. Stop doing something or working. Interrupt (a sequence or series) fail to observe (a rule or agreement), crush the spirit of. Make a rush or dash. Falter or change tone (a person’s voice), become deeper at puberty (of a boy’s voice), change suddenly (Weather), begin (storm, dawn, or a day).
Break (Noun) a pause or gap or short rest, a point or line of crack, a chance or opportunity.
Break Into: burst into laughter, song pr a run.
Break off: to stop speaking, to stop temporarily.
Break out: (something undesirable) sudden appearance or start. To escape,
Break through: to make head way, to achieve success, to make a way through.
Break away: to go away suddenly or abruptly. Escape,
Break in: to force one’s way, to barge into, to check in forcibly (illegal), Make news shoes comfortable by wearing.
Break one’s back: work hard to achieve something.
Break the back of: accomplish the main part of.
Break down: seize to start. Stop working. (Regarding machinery or vehicles) lose control of one’s emotion.
Break away: (Noun) a small detached group from a parent large group.
Break up: (of a gathering or relationship) end or part:
Break wind: fart, release gas from anus.

Oh, enough, isn’t it? So let me take a break. Nah, not a commercial break. Lol. A break till another grammatical post. So here I put a break. Thanks.

Source: Compact Oxford Reference Dictionary.


  1. Break wind: fart, release gas from anus. You should be censored for this one lol great list :-)

  2. @Aniya mixed with cologne that fades sooner than application. Idont think it has got that much force to travel upto Lombardia. LOL. Thanks for stopping bye.


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