December 12, 2008


Friends it is but an established fact that English language has got a rich vocabulary as it has the flexibility and broadness to gather vocabulary from other cultures and languages.  Yesterday, I was browsing a pull out of an English newspaper.  I have a habit to go right to the page of cross-word and jumble.  I love that page as every time I solve a cross-word, I collect new vocabularies in the form of synonyms, slangs or antonyms.  But not very often I solve the same fully.  After going through the newspaper I browsed the pullout section that I seldom read with any rapt attention.  Leave it, that’s my way of reading newspaper and sifting suitable materials, to my inclination and aptitude.  Oh, lengthening, isn’t it?  Wait, friends I am going to share a column of the same newspaper relevant to my blog and your passion, which is more and more knowledge on English language.  

Just ask yourself that how many words you know about different ways of WALKING?  What, only walking?  That every one knows, isn’t it?  No, I am not testing you.  You just read on, wouldn’t you?  Today I am going to share with you almost all words that you use on various forms of WALKING.  What do you think, wouldn’t you learn those in a disciplined manners. Oh, I don’t say you lack that much of vocabulary.  It is but an effort of this blogger to present the list in a discipline way.  So, here I go with my golden that is 50th post.  Bingo!!

Creep:  To walk slowly, quietly and cautiously because you don’t want be seen or heard.
Crawl:  To move forward with hands and knees, at time belly touching the surface, specially, done by soldiers.
Limp:  to walk slowly or with difficulty because one leg is injured.
Pace: To walk up and down in a small area many times.
Pad: To walk with quiet steps
Plod: to walk slowly with heavy steps, especially because you are tired.
Shuffle: to walk slowly without lifting your feet completely off the ground.
Stagger: to walk with weak unsteady steps, as if you were about to fall.
Stomp: to walk, dance or move with heavy steps.
Stroll: to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way.
Loiter: to walk aimlessly as if left with no job and feeling bored.
Tiptoe: to walk using the front parts of your feet only, so that other people cannot hear you.
Trudge: to walk slowly or with heavy steps because you are tired or carrying something heavy.
Catwalk: come on you know it.  Models walking on the ramp to promote products
Cakewalk: That’s too easy, isn’t it?
Gait: (N) a person’s manner of walking.
Have you ever used the define function of ? Come on you use it?  Here I emphasize again to use.  A very useful feature of  Write define and put a colon then write the word you want to be defined, (like this define:gait; remember no space between colon: and the word) and lo you have the information just in front of your screen.  Isn’t it useful and easy as well?  It is.  So, happy googling friends to acquire as much vocabulary as possible in your treasure of English words.  

Till we meet again after a fortnight time (as I will be on a holiday from tomorrow) it is bye, bye to you.  Enjoy your Christmas and holiday.   Have a happy time ahead with lots of love and love and care.  Please don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback here under.  Suggestions for improvements, (if any) from any quarter is solicited.    View my complete profile and know my contact address. 
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  1. Thanks for posting know it will help more those who are having difficult in dealing with English language. Keep it up!

  2. Very interesting method of enriching our vocabulary and
    Thanks for sharing google's define:service.

    You always open a new window for us.

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