December 29, 2008


So finally we have started preparation to say a good bye to the year 2008. Day comes, Week comes, Months comes and finally Year comes and we have no control on them, have we? But we have control on our activities and our activities get linked with special day or date of a calendar that we reminisce and become happy. Not always happy memories get associated but sometimes some sorrowful or painful moments also get associated with a particular date or day and we generally don’t want to remember those dates or days. But life is so, a blend of joy, ecstasy, woe and worry. In fact, life is a tapestry that is woven, taking the threads of joy, pleasure, smile, happiness and worry, sorrow, tear, bad memory and many other things. And it is the presence two contrasting threads that is smile and tear, in other words ,some pleasant memories and unpleasant ones that make life livable.
As usual year comes and goes without our knowledge but how we used the time, counts. And it’s the quality of our using the time that says whether we should remember a day or year or forget it or rather delete it from our memory bank!! All these things are but subjective as one thing might be pleasing to me and unpleasant to you.
The year 2008 is drawing close. And 2009, yes a new year is again knocking at our door to reign us for the next 365 days and some odd hours. So, it is time to take stock of our time and activities in the year 2008. Remember, the success or happiness in the year to come largely depends on our sowing or activities in the year gone by. So, right away one cannot see a new year without a reference to the year gone by. So should you like to make your coming year somewhat memorable then it is time you looked back and do an analysis of the year gone by and your activities. Analyze like a critic and be harsh in proof reading your life story. Remember, should you show sycophancy then you will be doing a disservice towards your life and will be living in a false world. So the harshness in this case counts. Your past doings will help you in making the coming year a memorable one that may brings miles of smiles to your lips and joy to your heart and mind.
In April, 2008 this blog started and with off and on flickering it passed the year with some bad memories and some good memories. First let me share with you the bad memories. In the beginning, I had no idea what the word blogging means. I just opened a blog in the blogspot and opened an account of my blog. In the beginning I was a little bit confused. So, for next two months it was in doldrums and the concept was not enhanced. In July, I committed a blunder and my feeds were not available in the in search engines for one and half month. Later, I deleted my feedburner account and started once again from the scratch. After some days, I resolved the problems and un-tweaked the tweaks that I had made in the bloggers. In October the blog picked up and picked up. So, now I have reached a position of no looking back. This post is the 52nd posts. And the journey so far the blog has made with you is marvelous thanks to your active support. I have deleted many posts in the meanwhile and gradually this blog is acquiring its aura or gaining tempo. Let me share with you some highly read posts of this blog, in case you want to read them once again.
And the success of this blog largely depends on you people who patronized this blog in right earnest. Despite knowing very well that this blog is not saying any new things, you have dropped by and went through my musings. In the internet, there are a lot of things available with the tag ‘New’ but in spite of that you people have come to this blog and always instilled an amount of confidence in me. So, the success goes to you. A majority of readers of this blog comes from the US and as the density of internet users is high in that part of the world, it is but obvious. But, people from Australia, Philippines, Italy, United Kingdom also visited this blog with right earnest. Not that I am leaving people of other countries but here I cannot name all countries and individual users though their contributions cannot be belittled or ignored.
In the year 2009 this blog is going to acquire its own address and starts on its own, again thanks to you all. The coming year will be a year of celebration for this blog, despite depression. Lol.

To all my followers, friends, well wishers, lovers, patronizers and of course haters.
Let the silvery beads of wintry
Dews, those glisten on the blades of
Green erected grasses, bathed in the golden
Coruscating sunshine of the morning and
The whizzing and chilling wind that
Pierces the body and compels all to cover
With beautiful woolen apparels,
Make the New Year a year worth,
Remembering, pouring in your bag,
The success and opulence that
You’ve been dreaming for, since
Ye came to know what makes
Ye smile unhindered to your content,
Where the quill of poet trundles,
To wish ye all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.
Hope the New Year 2009 be the year to remember. Thanks for going through the personal musing. Hope to see you after one year!! He he. So till we meet next time next year, it is bye-bye from you. TTFN.

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  1. I wish you all the best for the coming year. We all learn from our mistakes along the way, but it's nice to come across people who are willing to help you on your travels. Happy Blogging for 2009! Aniya :*


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