December 01, 2008

AIDS: Towards A New Morning

It was dead of the night.  Silence was reigning as sovereign over the night and the room.  The small zero power red bulb was trying its best to light the bedroom.  The fan was making countless rounds of its circumference and silently witnessing Eina and her husband sleeping away the pitch dark night.  At this moment of sound sleep, a whispering voice pierced the ears of Eina.  She was surprised and wanted to know about the source of the sound.  But it was a mystery. 
“Mom…mom.  What happened, confused? I’m with you and near you mom. In fact, a part of your body,” a girly voiced echoed from somewhere near Eina.  Eina was surprised and looked around for the presence of anyone.  Further, her confusion and consternation increased as before this she had not heard any voice resembling to the one she heard now. To increase her amazement the voice again rippled, “Hello, Mummy, I am Emily.” 
“Emily? I don’t know anyone with that name and further how come you call me Mummy?”  Eina asked stammering.
“Yes, I am your daughter.”
“Yes, I am the fetus that is growing inside your embryo,” Emily replied with a soft voice.
“Oh..oh I see.”  Eina’s palpitation rate decreased and she seemed to be coming to her self.
“Why don’t you want to bring me to the world and bereaving me from seeing the coruscating sunlight?” 
“That’s a secret my dear Emily and it is but a painful decision to …” she sobbed.
“Mom, don’t cry? You just talk with me and answer my questions.  I am sure you will feel somewhat relieved.”  Emily tried to console her mother.
“Yes, Emily… I don’t like the world to deride and hate you after the revelation of the stigma.”
“What kind of stigma?”
“Oh, Emily can’t you stop posing questions?” Eina showed her pettishness.
“Mom, you are telling me to stop questioning.  Good.  But mom think of my position, it’s a matter of life and death for me and you want me to keep mum.  Before coming to this world you are depriving me of my fundamental right of asking questions. Is it justified in your part Mom?”  Emily asked. 
“Oh, Emily sometimes it is better to keep mum.”
“But when I am about to die thanks to your decision to abort me, can I stop?  You say… can I stop?”  Emily asked agitatingly.
“Emily my dear listen me.  I am about to reveal something about your life. Not that you are alone fighting a war against saving your life but even we are (your father and me) also fighting a battle against our lives as the horrible shadow of death is looming large like the proverbial ‘Democles sword’ in front of us.’
“You also Mom.  Why, what happened?”
“Emily, oh, Emily how can I share with you dear?  But I will share my dear as before death I cannot keep mum.  I will share everything about the vicious cycle and social stigma that is attached to us.” 
“What happened to your mother? I just could not follow you, how are you fighting death?”
“Look, Emily.  We both are responsible for our looming death.  About six months ago I met your father in a discotheque.  We began to love each other and gradually our relation became deep.  We began to meet again and again and the dating cycle went on.  As time passed by we shared our bed.”
“Hmm… So what?”
“Later we got married and there a foundation of a new beginning was laid.  We trusted each other and shared our smiles and sorrow with each other.  Live was smooth dotted by conjugal love and happy moments.  We enjoyed a lot and as a consequence of our happiness when you began to settle inside my embryo we cannot know.  But this kind of activities inside embryo does not remain unknown for a long time.  I came to know about this and later your father knew.  We checked to confirm your presence.”
“But it is rightly said that happiness is not a thing of permanence and god works hard to snatch away any moment of happiness.  Our house of happiness perhaps laid on a shaky foundation, shattered like nine pins.”
“What happened in the meanwhile?”
“There was an accident of a person in the office of your father.  The person suffered a massive injury and lost lots of his blood.  Blood was the need of the hour.  No one in the office had a matching blood group of the person requiring blood.  Even the blood bank was out of stock, as it was of a rare group.  But when your father knew of the need of the blood he was agreed to give his blood to save the person’s live.  Before the actual blood transfusion his blood was to pass many essential tests.  It was a matter of regret and stigma that his blood failed the ELISA test.  The revelation shattered him and our new beginning.”
“How come mom?”
“His testing positive meant he was carrying the deadly virus.  There was a fear of that contacting me and you.  We checked and found that our apprehension was right.  It was the end of the world.  I was tested positive and my dear you were also declared carrying the virus.  Oh, god what had we not thought about you. And a failing struggle against AIDS began.  We had knowledge that we cannot come out successful against the menace but still other than waging a war we had no option available.”
“I see,” Emily mustered.
“And as we have been living and sleeping with our deaths, it was inadvisable for us to bring you to this world to leave you die horribly.”
“Do you think you had contracted AIDS from father or you have been carrying the virus in dormant form?”
“Yes, mom.  When you are revealing everything, you must not keep me in dark about your lives in the discotheque.  I know peoples come there to drug away their time and rock in the toxic effects of drugs,” Emily said. 
“Yes, I was a member of a drug users group.  We would often unite after the closure of the discotheque and would take injections of drugs.  For sometime we’d rock as the effect of the drug happened to be so to rock one from top to bottom,” Eina said. 
“Oh, I see.”
“Yes, Emily I was completely drenched by the rain of love showered by your father.  I started showing disinclination towards drugs.  But for once you happen to take plunge into that land of drug, the urge to take more always propel one to go forward.  I don’t want to deceive your Papa as he was my first love.  So, I joined a rehabilitation centre and after a lot of difficulties, I was redeemed from the dungeon of drugs,” Eina continued.
“Very good Mom, but….” Emily paused.
“What happened Emily … do you want to ask any more things?”
“Yes…Mom.  You told that father had AIDS but have asked him that how he contracted the dreaded syndrome?”
“What do you mean by that, Emily?”
“Yes, I’m sure to a degree that it was from you; he inherited the disease as you were an IVDU (Intra-veinous Drug Users.)”
“Nah, I am not one carrying the viral virus rather it was your father who bestowed me the disease,” Eina said confidently.
“Did you check before marriage or not?”  Emily asked.
“No, there was no need either.”
“I see.”  Emily breathed deep and continued, “But how could you say that, father bestowed?”
“Before me, your father had a reckless life style.  He used to go to brothels to slake his sexual thirst.  He would in sheer excitement indulge in unprotected sex.  And it was a daily affair of your father’s routine.”
“So, after meeting your meeting, you both tried to recede from your past lifestyle?  But sadly, the connection was so deep rooted that much water had flown down from the Amazon, isn’t it?”
“Yes, dear it was too late.  But it is not time to blame but to march forward to the land of light.  Regrettably, seen ahead is the vast expanse of murky tunnel with the Satan of premature death progressing towards us gradually.  The tragedy is that there is no light at the end of tunnel.”  Eina sobbed.
There was silence as Emily said nothing this time to enhance the discussion. 
“Emily….Emily, slept my baby?”
“No, Mom, just brooding hard,” she replied.
“Till our deaths, it was agreeable but in our love, we’ve not left you as there is fear of your death should you see the light of the day.  It is for this reason, we’re going to abort you.”
“Mercy, Mom Mercy.  Darkness has taken all light from your life, methink.  But, I would request you not to commit the crime of aborting my life.  Nurture me, love me, fondle me, but for God’s sake don’t bless me with death.”  Emily sobbed.
“Don’t cry my baby, don’t cry.  But if you are diagnosed finally carrying the deadly virus as it is not confirmed now, you’d have to live a horrible stigmatic life, that we don’t like.  So, we had taken the hard route to terminate you before birth.”  Emily tried to make her understand the gravity of the situation.
“Think again Mom, think twice before taking the way.  I’d again request you to bring me to the world of disease and death.  Think postitive.  A small flickering light happen to be enough to dispel the darkness of a room.  After birth I’d work in spreading awareness on the disease.  I’d share our stories about journeys of living with the disease and death.  I’d start a moment to fight the disease.  As the medical community is researching day and night to vanquish the disease, who knows there might be remedy and life for me and countless others.  No matter the quantum of success I’d work with the organizations working on the area.” 
“Very good, Emily.  You’ve opened my eyes.  Come whatever may, I’d ensure that you come to the world and live a life of a missionary working in the field of AIDS.”
“Thank you, Mom.”
“Please forgive me my dear child; please forgive me for desisting me from committing a heinous crime.” 
“zzzz  I’m feeling sleepy Mom, as you’re feeling so.  So, it is good night again Mom, as there is still night to sleep away.”
“My Blessing with you, my dear Emily.  Jesus will bless you with courage and grit to serve his wayward peoples.” 
“Together, we can make a beginning and the bloggger’s unite have started the ball rolling.  Open the web world Mom, on the 1st December and read more about AIDS,” Emily suggested her mother.
“How, my dear?”
“Open any search engine and type AIDS.  You’ll be seeing lots of relevant links or follow the  to know more about that.”
“I see.  You seem to be more aware than us.  Good my dear,” Eina said. 
“So, I’ll be meeting you the next night, same time, same place.  Till next meeting, it’s bye, bye.  Take care of your health and restraint your sexual urge.  Say no to Drugs.  Enjoy your ecstasy with protection.  Check blood and ensure new syringes are used before any blood transfusion.  Together, let’s make a beginning, yes a beginning as it is the beginning that has an end, an ends with lots of smiles and sunshine.  Amen!! Ciao!!
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  1. This is the world with live in, and we have to be able to cope and live with things like these, let's hope that the world will become a better place...Your site is coming on nicely :-)

  2. A very thoughtful post on a very difficult subject. As I read these tragic stories published on various blogs this World Aids Day, I'm devastated. It is a difficult place, sometimes, to live on this planet of ours.

    Thanks for yourpost.

  3. It's a tough situation and so important to unite to solve it. Thanks for your story.

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  5. you are so right about our government spending and its zany, dangerous priorities.




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