December 29, 2008


So finally we have started preparation to say a good bye to the year 2008. Day comes, Week comes, Months comes and finally Year comes and we have no control on them, have we? But we have control on our activities and our activities get linked with special day or date of a calendar that we reminisce and become happy. Not always happy memories get associated but sometimes some sorrowful or painful moments also get associated with a particular date or day and we generally don’t want to remember those dates or days. But life is so, a blend of joy, ecstasy, woe and worry. In fact, life is a tapestry that is woven, taking the threads of joy, pleasure, smile, happiness and worry, sorrow, tear, bad memory and many other things. And it is the presence two contrasting threads that is smile and tear, in other words ,some pleasant memories and unpleasant ones that make life livable.
As usual year comes and goes without our knowledge but how we used the time, counts. And it’s the quality of our using the time that says whether we should remember a day or year or forget it or rather delete it from our memory bank!! All these things are but subjective as one thing might be pleasing to me and unpleasant to you.
The year 2008 is drawing close. And 2009, yes a new year is again knocking at our door to reign us for the next 365 days and some odd hours. So, it is time to take stock of our time and activities in the year 2008. Remember, the success or happiness in the year to come largely depends on our sowing or activities in the year gone by. So, right away one cannot see a new year without a reference to the year gone by. So should you like to make your coming year somewhat memorable then it is time you looked back and do an analysis of the year gone by and your activities. Analyze like a critic and be harsh in proof reading your life story. Remember, should you show sycophancy then you will be doing a disservice towards your life and will be living in a false world. So the harshness in this case counts. Your past doings will help you in making the coming year a memorable one that may brings miles of smiles to your lips and joy to your heart and mind.
In April, 2008 this blog started and with off and on flickering it passed the year with some bad memories and some good memories. First let me share with you the bad memories. In the beginning, I had no idea what the word blogging means. I just opened a blog in the blogspot and opened an account of my blog. In the beginning I was a little bit confused. So, for next two months it was in doldrums and the concept was not enhanced. In July, I committed a blunder and my feeds were not available in the in search engines for one and half month. Later, I deleted my feedburner account and started once again from the scratch. After some days, I resolved the problems and un-tweaked the tweaks that I had made in the bloggers. In October the blog picked up and picked up. So, now I have reached a position of no looking back. This post is the 52nd posts. And the journey so far the blog has made with you is marvelous thanks to your active support. I have deleted many posts in the meanwhile and gradually this blog is acquiring its aura or gaining tempo. Let me share with you some highly read posts of this blog, in case you want to read them once again.
And the success of this blog largely depends on you people who patronized this blog in right earnest. Despite knowing very well that this blog is not saying any new things, you have dropped by and went through my musings. In the internet, there are a lot of things available with the tag ‘New’ but in spite of that you people have come to this blog and always instilled an amount of confidence in me. So, the success goes to you. A majority of readers of this blog comes from the US and as the density of internet users is high in that part of the world, it is but obvious. But, people from Australia, Philippines, Italy, United Kingdom also visited this blog with right earnest. Not that I am leaving people of other countries but here I cannot name all countries and individual users though their contributions cannot be belittled or ignored.
In the year 2009 this blog is going to acquire its own address and starts on its own, again thanks to you all. The coming year will be a year of celebration for this blog, despite depression. Lol.

To all my followers, friends, well wishers, lovers, patronizers and of course haters.
Let the silvery beads of wintry
Dews, those glisten on the blades of
Green erected grasses, bathed in the golden
Coruscating sunshine of the morning and
The whizzing and chilling wind that
Pierces the body and compels all to cover
With beautiful woolen apparels,
Make the New Year a year worth,
Remembering, pouring in your bag,
The success and opulence that
You’ve been dreaming for, since
Ye came to know what makes
Ye smile unhindered to your content,
Where the quill of poet trundles,
To wish ye all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.
Hope the New Year 2009 be the year to remember. Thanks for going through the personal musing. Hope to see you after one year!! He he. So till we meet next time next year, it is bye-bye from you. TTFN.

December 27, 2008


British broadcasting service is a common name in all parts of the world.  Before the advent of visual media, it was BBC Radio; a credible and authentic source of information and news, happening around the world.  People would quote BBC as the source of their Information that we call now linking.  The manner of presentation and the simple English language of the BBC World service are praiseworthy.  From 1990 till 1997 I was a regular listener of BBC World service.  My favorite one hour program was the 13 hour GMT (18:30 IST) News Hour.  Ah, there was another program “Professor Grammar” that I would not miss.  The News Hour shaped my English language.  It introduced me with new vocabularies, the way of speaking and correct pronunciations of various tricky English words.  In fact, what I am today, the credit goes to BBC Radio. 

At that time my radio set was my favorite chum.  It would go with me strolling, to the pond.  Laughing?  Of course you can, but it is the truth.  Sometimes, my radio set would develop some snags and I would feel irritated and agitated for the problems.  Soon, I would cycle to 15 kilometers to get the set repaired.  Remember, my native place is not a town, not a business center.  In fact, a rustic place with no education, no inclination either.  In fact, I am also a drop out and the rest history.

In 1998 I joined my present service and things changed drastically.  I was introduced to a new culture drastically different from my rural culture.  My language changed, my dress behavior changed and finally I was transformed.  My reading habit changed.  And it is a matter of regret that my radio listening habit and association with BBC Radio ended abruptly.  I regret the disassociation till today.
But the shaping and the influences of BBC are the things, I am proud of and basing which I am able to facilitate various things of my life.  I owe a lot to the BBC for my present.

Today I have internet.  Internet what it is, needs no repetition here as everyone has his or her views regarding the power of Internet.  Now I have the technology, that I have been using to the fullest extent to simplify my life.  And after the internet revolution, BBC also diversified.  It has been maintaining informative and useful websites for the benefit of all and sundry.  Now you can listen to or watch BBC programs of either radio or television.  One can even read those stories that are aired or broadcasted over the BBC radio or television.  And to facilitate your knowledge on English language there is a section, English in News.  There one can learn new vocabularies related to sports, football, science and many other fields of interest. 

If you have any doubts regarding any grammatical aspect, you can visit the following site and explore the resources to simplify your curiosity, quench your grammatical thirst. 

Thanks for going through this personal story. 

December 22, 2008


You know about the names like Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask? Come on, you know it better as these are the big names of the Web World. Now think of a day without internet: No, mail, no surfing and no reading oh, too painful isn’t it? Really that would be a ghastly day. Internet has made inroad into our life in such a way that we cannot think of a day without Internet. It has shaped our daily life and activities. It has shaped our views regarding various things that we use in daily. It has also shaped our language as it has enriched the languages of the world in general and the language of English in particular. It has given many new expressions and enhanced our informal talking. Don’t you chat everyday with your girl friends, your clients, with your boss? I know you do. But with the advent of the Internet and the chatting softwares, the word ‘Chat’ has acquired new meaning and it has broad-based the original meaning. Over the years we have been using many acronyms in our daily informal chatting or writing in forums. Would not you like to know expansions to some of them? So here I am with a new list of acronyms that has entered major English dictionaries. Peoples of English speaking countries use these expressions freely without the fear of being misunderstood. Not only they but people using English as their second language also adopt these informal expressions. And the result is that they have become individual vocabularies.

ASAP: As soon as possible.
AFAIK: As far as I know.
AFK: Away from keyboard.
BRB: Be right back.
BTDT: Been there, done that.
BTW: By the way.
C/C: Comments and criticisms.
EOM: End of the message.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.
FTW: For the win.
FYI: For your information.
GUI: Graphical user Interface.
HTH: Hope this helps.
IIRC: If I recall carefully.
IMHO: In my humble opinion.
IMO: In my opinion.
IOW: In other word.
LOL: Laughing out loud.
NOOB: Neewbie.
OMG: Oh, my God.
OTOH: On the other hand.
ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing
TTFN: Tata for now.
TTYL: Talk to you later.
W/e: Whatever.
WOOT: An expression of joy.
WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get.
{g}: Grin.
{BG}: Big grin.

This is but a small list of internet related vocabularies but there are a lot of such expressions that you use with your friends, clients and contemporaries or colleagues. Hope you enjoy this small lesson.

I am yet to return from my holiday. Still, somehow I got a laptop and here I am sharing what I discovered someday ago while holidaying and surfing the internet from my cell phone.

Till we meet at the fag end of this year, it is ta, ta from you. Thank you for going through the post. Enjoy your holidays.

December 12, 2008


Friends it is but an established fact that English language has got a rich vocabulary as it has the flexibility and broadness to gather vocabulary from other cultures and languages.  Yesterday, I was browsing a pull out of an English newspaper.  I have a habit to go right to the page of cross-word and jumble.  I love that page as every time I solve a cross-word, I collect new vocabularies in the form of synonyms, slangs or antonyms.  But not very often I solve the same fully.  After going through the newspaper I browsed the pullout section that I seldom read with any rapt attention.  Leave it, that’s my way of reading newspaper and sifting suitable materials, to my inclination and aptitude.  Oh, lengthening, isn’t it?  Wait, friends I am going to share a column of the same newspaper relevant to my blog and your passion, which is more and more knowledge on English language.  

Just ask yourself that how many words you know about different ways of WALKING?  What, only walking?  That every one knows, isn’t it?  No, I am not testing you.  You just read on, wouldn’t you?  Today I am going to share with you almost all words that you use on various forms of WALKING.  What do you think, wouldn’t you learn those in a disciplined manners. Oh, I don’t say you lack that much of vocabulary.  It is but an effort of this blogger to present the list in a discipline way.  So, here I go with my golden that is 50th post.  Bingo!!

Creep:  To walk slowly, quietly and cautiously because you don’t want be seen or heard.
Crawl:  To move forward with hands and knees, at time belly touching the surface, specially, done by soldiers.
Limp:  to walk slowly or with difficulty because one leg is injured.
Pace: To walk up and down in a small area many times.
Pad: To walk with quiet steps
Plod: to walk slowly with heavy steps, especially because you are tired.
Shuffle: to walk slowly without lifting your feet completely off the ground.
Stagger: to walk with weak unsteady steps, as if you were about to fall.
Stomp: to walk, dance or move with heavy steps.
Stroll: to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way.
Loiter: to walk aimlessly as if left with no job and feeling bored.
Tiptoe: to walk using the front parts of your feet only, so that other people cannot hear you.
Trudge: to walk slowly or with heavy steps because you are tired or carrying something heavy.
Catwalk: come on you know it.  Models walking on the ramp to promote products
Cakewalk: That’s too easy, isn’t it?
Gait: (N) a person’s manner of walking.
Have you ever used the define function of ? Come on you use it?  Here I emphasize again to use.  A very useful feature of  Write define and put a colon then write the word you want to be defined, (like this define:gait; remember no space between colon: and the word) and lo you have the information just in front of your screen.  Isn’t it useful and easy as well?  It is.  So, happy googling friends to acquire as much vocabulary as possible in your treasure of English words.  

Till we meet again after a fortnight time (as I will be on a holiday from tomorrow) it is bye, bye to you.  Enjoy your Christmas and holiday.   Have a happy time ahead with lots of love and love and care.  Please don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback here under.  Suggestions for improvements, (if any) from any quarter is solicited.    View my complete profile and know my contact address. 
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December 10, 2008

Adverbs and Adjectives

Study the following sentence in Table-1

Case A Case B
Bruno is a quick runner. He runs quickly.
Harry is a careful Driver. He drives carefully.
Kinley is a bad cook. She cooks badly.
The rain was heavy yesterday. It rained heavily yesterday.

Now let’s analyze the two situations given in the table as Case A and Case B. In Case A mark the words in italic and bold. Quick, Careful, bad, heavy. All these words are Adjectives as they describe something about Noun runner, driver, cook and rain. Similarly, quickly, carefully, badly, heavily are Adverbs as they simply add something to verbs like run, drive, cook and rain. A lot of adverbs are formed by adding ~ly to Adjectives. Here are some more examples of similar constructions.

Quiet Quietly
Serious Seriously
Happy Happily
Anxious Anxiously
Probable Probably
Repeated Repeatedly
Loving Lovingly

  • Some Adjectives end in ~ly too.

• Both teams played a friendly match.
• The girl was lively.
• She is an elderly person.
• He spent his lonely days in the valleys.
• A lovely blog, indeed.

  • You also use Adverbs before Adjectives and other Adverbs.

• The street is awfully busy. (Adverb + Adjective)
• Mumbai was terribly shocked.
• We had a really shocking time.
• Really a good holiday, indeed.
• Many were seriously injured in the accident.

  • Not all Adverbs end in ~Ly.

• Your speaking is very good.
• You speak well.
• He is a good cricketer.
• He plays cricket well.

N:B: Good is an Adjective but Well is an Adverb.

  • Well is also used in compound words.

Rabi Shankar is a well-known Sitarist.
Barrack Obama is well-educated.
They were well-fed.
A well-laid out design.
A well-dressed person.

N:B: Here the compounds are Adjectives.

  • Some words are both Adjectives and Adverbs.

There are a number of fast trains in Indian Railways. (Adjective)
Some trains run very fast. (Adverb)
He is a hard worker. (Adj)
He works hard. (Adv)
Mohan is an early/late riser. (Adv)
He gets up late/early in the morning. (Adv)

Lately =Of late= recently is an Adverb. They moved to a new apartment lately.

Hope you enjoyed this lesson. Till the next installment of English grammar lesson, it is bye, bye from you and all. Meet you next time same place, nah not same time. Ha ha. We will meet here only. Any suggestions, improvements or request for additions or corrections are solicited. I will very happy to go through any such things.

Thank you friends for going through this article.

December 07, 2008

Still Adverbs

After the Bloggers unite moment and the awareness campaign on Aids let’s come down to real business. Yes, real business that is continuing the series of Grammar. In this series let’s confine our discussions to some small but significant Adverbs such as Still, Yet, Any More, Any Longer and No Longer. Don’t you use these small words in your day to day chatting or writing? Let’s discuss some basic grammatical rules regarding the uses of these Adverbs. No doubt you use these words correctly but a look into the rules is not that bad. What do you say?


Still is used to say that a present situation is continuing. In affirmative sentences and in interrogation it goes in Position two. (Please refer to my earlier post “Adverbs Disciplined” for different positions.)

• Kelvin hasn’t come home; he must still be in the Library.
• It is 9 o’clock and Satish is still in the Gymnasium.
• When I went to bed, Ribken was still working with his online project.
• Are you still working in the Microsoft?
• Do you still grow spinach in your field?


We use Yet when we ask if something has happened or when we say something hasn’t happened. It is used mainly in questions and negative sentences and usually goes in Position three.

• It is 9 o’clock and Satish has not returned yet.
• Has the tram service stalled? The tram has not arrived yet.
• You said Tom was ill. Has he recuperated yet?
• I saw Kerrene at the railway station. Hasn’t she returned yet?
• The roof the school building is leaking badly. The authority has not repaired yet.
• I am hungry. Is lunch ready yet?

Still can also be used in Negative Sentences in a different position, immediately after the subject. When it is used in this way it expresses surprise, anger or worry. That something should have happened now but it has not happened.

• December is on but the cold wave to still to come.
• The baby is five years old. It has still not left sucking its fingers.

Not… any more, Not… any longer, No longer

These expressions mean that an activity or work has stopped sometime before. Any more and Any Longer go in position three.

• Ribken doesn’t stay in New York any more/ any longer. He left three months ago.
• I can’t bear with this rubbish any longer/ any more. I must report to his boss.
• They are not friends any more/ any longer.

No longer goes in position two.

• He is no longer a school boy.
• Tom no longer supports that political party.

Hope you enjoyed the continuing lessons on Adverbs. Next time there will be more such lessons. Do follow me by whatever means you know and think better. For different positions of Adverbs follow the link given.

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December 01, 2008

AIDS: Towards A New Morning

It was dead of the night.  Silence was reigning as sovereign over the night and the room.  The small zero power red bulb was trying its best to light the bedroom.  The fan was making countless rounds of its circumference and silently witnessing Eina and her husband sleeping away the pitch dark night.  At this moment of sound sleep, a whispering voice pierced the ears of Eina.  She was surprised and wanted to know about the source of the sound.  But it was a mystery. 
“Mom…mom.  What happened, confused? I’m with you and near you mom. In fact, a part of your body,” a girly voiced echoed from somewhere near Eina.  Eina was surprised and looked around for the presence of anyone.  Further, her confusion and consternation increased as before this she had not heard any voice resembling to the one she heard now. To increase her amazement the voice again rippled, “Hello, Mummy, I am Emily.” 
“Emily? I don’t know anyone with that name and further how come you call me Mummy?”  Eina asked stammering.
“Yes, I am your daughter.”
“Yes, I am the fetus that is growing inside your embryo,” Emily replied with a soft voice.
“Oh..oh I see.”  Eina’s palpitation rate decreased and she seemed to be coming to her self.
“Why don’t you want to bring me to the world and bereaving me from seeing the coruscating sunlight?” 
“That’s a secret my dear Emily and it is but a painful decision to …” she sobbed.
“Mom, don’t cry? You just talk with me and answer my questions.  I am sure you will feel somewhat relieved.”  Emily tried to console her mother.
“Yes, Emily… I don’t like the world to deride and hate you after the revelation of the stigma.”
“What kind of stigma?”
“Oh, Emily can’t you stop posing questions?” Eina showed her pettishness.
“Mom, you are telling me to stop questioning.  Good.  But mom think of my position, it’s a matter of life and death for me and you want me to keep mum.  Before coming to this world you are depriving me of my fundamental right of asking questions. Is it justified in your part Mom?”  Emily asked. 
“Oh, Emily sometimes it is better to keep mum.”
“But when I am about to die thanks to your decision to abort me, can I stop?  You say… can I stop?”  Emily asked agitatingly.
“Emily my dear listen me.  I am about to reveal something about your life. Not that you are alone fighting a war against saving your life but even we are (your father and me) also fighting a battle against our lives as the horrible shadow of death is looming large like the proverbial ‘Democles sword’ in front of us.’
“You also Mom.  Why, what happened?”
“Emily, oh, Emily how can I share with you dear?  But I will share my dear as before death I cannot keep mum.  I will share everything about the vicious cycle and social stigma that is attached to us.” 
“What happened to your mother? I just could not follow you, how are you fighting death?”
“Look, Emily.  We both are responsible for our looming death.  About six months ago I met your father in a discotheque.  We began to love each other and gradually our relation became deep.  We began to meet again and again and the dating cycle went on.  As time passed by we shared our bed.”
“Hmm… So what?”
“Later we got married and there a foundation of a new beginning was laid.  We trusted each other and shared our smiles and sorrow with each other.  Live was smooth dotted by conjugal love and happy moments.  We enjoyed a lot and as a consequence of our happiness when you began to settle inside my embryo we cannot know.  But this kind of activities inside embryo does not remain unknown for a long time.  I came to know about this and later your father knew.  We checked to confirm your presence.”
“But it is rightly said that happiness is not a thing of permanence and god works hard to snatch away any moment of happiness.  Our house of happiness perhaps laid on a shaky foundation, shattered like nine pins.”
“What happened in the meanwhile?”
“There was an accident of a person in the office of your father.  The person suffered a massive injury and lost lots of his blood.  Blood was the need of the hour.  No one in the office had a matching blood group of the person requiring blood.  Even the blood bank was out of stock, as it was of a rare group.  But when your father knew of the need of the blood he was agreed to give his blood to save the person’s live.  Before the actual blood transfusion his blood was to pass many essential tests.  It was a matter of regret and stigma that his blood failed the ELISA test.  The revelation shattered him and our new beginning.”
“How come mom?”
“His testing positive meant he was carrying the deadly virus.  There was a fear of that contacting me and you.  We checked and found that our apprehension was right.  It was the end of the world.  I was tested positive and my dear you were also declared carrying the virus.  Oh, god what had we not thought about you. And a failing struggle against AIDS began.  We had knowledge that we cannot come out successful against the menace but still other than waging a war we had no option available.”
“I see,” Emily mustered.
“And as we have been living and sleeping with our deaths, it was inadvisable for us to bring you to this world to leave you die horribly.”
“Do you think you had contracted AIDS from father or you have been carrying the virus in dormant form?”
“Yes, mom.  When you are revealing everything, you must not keep me in dark about your lives in the discotheque.  I know peoples come there to drug away their time and rock in the toxic effects of drugs,” Emily said. 
“Yes, I was a member of a drug users group.  We would often unite after the closure of the discotheque and would take injections of drugs.  For sometime we’d rock as the effect of the drug happened to be so to rock one from top to bottom,” Eina said. 
“Oh, I see.”
“Yes, Emily I was completely drenched by the rain of love showered by your father.  I started showing disinclination towards drugs.  But for once you happen to take plunge into that land of drug, the urge to take more always propel one to go forward.  I don’t want to deceive your Papa as he was my first love.  So, I joined a rehabilitation centre and after a lot of difficulties, I was redeemed from the dungeon of drugs,” Eina continued.
“Very good Mom, but….” Emily paused.
“What happened Emily … do you want to ask any more things?”
“Yes…Mom.  You told that father had AIDS but have asked him that how he contracted the dreaded syndrome?”
“What do you mean by that, Emily?”
“Yes, I’m sure to a degree that it was from you; he inherited the disease as you were an IVDU (Intra-veinous Drug Users.)”
“Nah, I am not one carrying the viral virus rather it was your father who bestowed me the disease,” Eina said confidently.
“Did you check before marriage or not?”  Emily asked.
“No, there was no need either.”
“I see.”  Emily breathed deep and continued, “But how could you say that, father bestowed?”
“Before me, your father had a reckless life style.  He used to go to brothels to slake his sexual thirst.  He would in sheer excitement indulge in unprotected sex.  And it was a daily affair of your father’s routine.”
“So, after meeting your meeting, you both tried to recede from your past lifestyle?  But sadly, the connection was so deep rooted that much water had flown down from the Amazon, isn’t it?”
“Yes, dear it was too late.  But it is not time to blame but to march forward to the land of light.  Regrettably, seen ahead is the vast expanse of murky tunnel with the Satan of premature death progressing towards us gradually.  The tragedy is that there is no light at the end of tunnel.”  Eina sobbed.
There was silence as Emily said nothing this time to enhance the discussion. 
“Emily….Emily, slept my baby?”
“No, Mom, just brooding hard,” she replied.
“Till our deaths, it was agreeable but in our love, we’ve not left you as there is fear of your death should you see the light of the day.  It is for this reason, we’re going to abort you.”
“Mercy, Mom Mercy.  Darkness has taken all light from your life, methink.  But, I would request you not to commit the crime of aborting my life.  Nurture me, love me, fondle me, but for God’s sake don’t bless me with death.”  Emily sobbed.
“Don’t cry my baby, don’t cry.  But if you are diagnosed finally carrying the deadly virus as it is not confirmed now, you’d have to live a horrible stigmatic life, that we don’t like.  So, we had taken the hard route to terminate you before birth.”  Emily tried to make her understand the gravity of the situation.
“Think again Mom, think twice before taking the way.  I’d again request you to bring me to the world of disease and death.  Think postitive.  A small flickering light happen to be enough to dispel the darkness of a room.  After birth I’d work in spreading awareness on the disease.  I’d share our stories about journeys of living with the disease and death.  I’d start a moment to fight the disease.  As the medical community is researching day and night to vanquish the disease, who knows there might be remedy and life for me and countless others.  No matter the quantum of success I’d work with the organizations working on the area.” 
“Very good, Emily.  You’ve opened my eyes.  Come whatever may, I’d ensure that you come to the world and live a life of a missionary working in the field of AIDS.”
“Thank you, Mom.”
“Please forgive me my dear child; please forgive me for desisting me from committing a heinous crime.” 
“zzzz  I’m feeling sleepy Mom, as you’re feeling so.  So, it is good night again Mom, as there is still night to sleep away.”
“My Blessing with you, my dear Emily.  Jesus will bless you with courage and grit to serve his wayward peoples.” 
“Together, we can make a beginning and the bloggger’s unite have started the ball rolling.  Open the web world Mom, on the 1st December and read more about AIDS,” Emily suggested her mother.
“How, my dear?”
“Open any search engine and type AIDS.  You’ll be seeing lots of relevant links or follow the  to know more about that.”
“I see.  You seem to be more aware than us.  Good my dear,” Eina said. 
“So, I’ll be meeting you the next night, same time, same place.  Till next meeting, it’s bye, bye.  Take care of your health and restraint your sexual urge.  Say no to Drugs.  Enjoy your ecstasy with protection.  Check blood and ensure new syringes are used before any blood transfusion.  Together, let’s make a beginning, yes a beginning as it is the beginning that has an end, an ends with lots of smiles and sunshine.  Amen!! Ciao!!
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