November 06, 2008


Yes, I also could not resist the temptation, instead came outside to have a bath in the deluge of exuberance of youthfulness and change.  The waves and ripples out there in the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea are also sweeping the Indian Ocean.  In fact it can be said that the wave has swept all over the world and every one seem to be beaten by the height of the waves and penetrability of the blizzard.  The win of Barrack Obama as the 44th President of the United States signs a beginning of a new era.  The Bush administration has lost its credibility in and around the world solely for its highhandedness and messing everything with everything.  The current recession in the US economy and the ripples around the world suggest mismanagement somewhere over there in the White House.  And it was this factor of billowing discontentment that Barrack capitalized and wins the election defeating the Republican nominee John McCain.

The return of Democrat after a gap of eight years after Bill Clinton will mark a sea change in the program and policies of the administration from early next year when on January 20 the president elect Mr. Obama takes oath and grips the baton. 

Obama signs change and youthfulness as his win was for the support of college students.  They saw a leader in the form of Obama and instead of choosing an old and seasoned politician, they choose a Black American.  It should be noted here that Obama is the first Black President in the 234 years history of America.  The flawless campaign, electronic fund raising and fund management were impressive and Obama congratulated the people of America who doled such huge sum.  He also congratulated his team of campaign managers and well wishers who egged him and supported him during the grueling and strenuous campaign trail through out the year. 

Let’s cross the fingers and wait and watch the president takes his charge.  The good news is that this time Democrats have majority support in both the houses of Us Parliament: The Senate and the House of Representatives.  The margin of win 349 way ahead of 270 required out of 538 members shows his popularity and charisma in the country. 
Let’s us wish this new President a successful stint in the White House.  Amen.,curpg-2.cms

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