November 10, 2008


Regrettably, I was out of my home and my computer, when I saw the “Bloggers Unite” thread.  I thought I should at least write something for the refugees to spread awareness about their wretched plights, their problems and solutions.  But I was running short of time as I was getting late to return home (as I was 500 hundred kilometers away.)  But after my return I thought and thought and it was high time for me to web some words for the refugees around the world languishing in refugee camps without any essential services like education, food, shelter.  But I thought it was too short a time for me to web a prose.  Still, I opened my word processor and try to scribble something for their cause.  And by and by, I came out with this shoddily webbed verse.  I am satisfied that I have written a piece though not so brilliant but I am certain it has an open message.  Let the refugees return and let all wars civil and international end forthwith and let peace reign supreme everywhere for the benefit of mankind and posterity.  Let there be no devastation in the name of hollow subjugation.  Amen. 

No home, no religions,
Neither any mosque,
Church or temple,
No school,
No hospital,
Only the vast expanse of
Hollow sky, nothing beyond,
Nothing back.

What Saddam did?
We had nothing to do.
What sin my fetus had done?
She was born in a refugee camp.
Without any doctors, no nurse,
No medicines either,
Only despair and tears.

Two high flying ambitious leaders,
Clashes ideologically,
And lo the next day shelling,
And bombing,
Displacing peoples leaving all that were theirs,
UNHCR comes to the aid and assistance,
Red Cross flings into action.
But still the question,
What was the necessity of war?

The Gulf War, Vietnam War,
West and East Pakistan war
Chechnya, Sri Lanka and Angola,
All memories of infutility.
Analyzed in details,
Nothing comes out as out come.
The hollow firmament without the moon and sky,
And of course the twinkling stars. 

Only exodus of peoples, death, horror,
Blood shed, and reverberations of wailing,
Fathers, mothers, brothers.

‘What sin have I done?’ asks a school going child.
‘Oh, I lost my books my chums, the bloody marauders.’
The bloody merciless blood merchants,
Corpse and corpses, vultures don’t fly.
Nor any birds, nor any animals ply.

Only hollow ideologies and their clashes.
Nonsense leaders and bloody murderers.
With lashes of thunderous roaring of
Missiles and shells hurling. 

No war, no refugees,
That’s quite simple
As numbers of nurseries.

But Obama do you hear?
Or will you attack Iraq, Cuba,
Vietnam and Haiti with renewed vigor?

Oh, Statue of Liberty, go into doldrums
See half of the refugees gone,
Half of the problems solved.
And no recessions, due to devastations,
Will you go into doldrums or
Put a temporary or permanent moratorium?

Hope so, Obama is good, oozing with youthfulness
And knowledge, of course the required freshness.
All have education, health, in the homeland,
Fetuses come out without any hassles.
A new shinning sun, soothing moon,
Pacific sea and sweat breeze.
A dawn of warless era,
Without any nuclear weapons,
Missiles or mortars or shells or guns.

Will you work towards these goals?
I hope so, and wish all the refugees return,
This morn, this morn, with a new sun,
Showing a new path, new zeal and new horizon.
New hopes, new smiles, old neighbors,
With school going daughters and sons.

Though this blog is dedicated to English grammar, still for a common cause this blogger has posted this post only to help generate awareness on the issues and problems of the Refugees languishing in innumerable refugee camps around the world.  Followers please bear with this.  And don’t forget to feed back me.  Till then good bye. Fellow bloggers who have not yet joined the movement and want to join, you can do so by following this link.

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