November 24, 2008


Let’s analyze some small sentences.

1)      Tom walked to the cinema slowly.
2)      The train stopped suddenly.
3)      The movement is spreading gradually.

Now let me ask some questions and arrive to answers.  Let me write the above three sentences again with some added spices.  Yes, spices, you got it right.  Lol.

How did Tom walk?   
How the train stopped?
How is the movement spreading? 

That answer we get about the movement, progress of a verb is called an ADVEBRB.   The words slowly, suddenly and gradually are talking something about the verbs walk, stop and spreadAs the function of an Adverb is to add something to the verb, it is called so.   But not that an Adverb always speaks or adds something about verbs as at times it speaks about Adjectives or Nouns, pronouns, phrase etc
My father was very pleased with my performance in the last examination.
How pleased:  Very pleased.  Here the adverb very speaks about the adjective pleased. 

  1. It is a very good novel and has already been read by a large number of peoples.  (Very good, Adjective)
  2. Even you must have read the terms and conditions. Only, you can tell us what happened.(You, Pronoun)
  3. He arrived just in time and found that she was almost in tears. (In time, almost in tears, Phrase)
  4. The driver was driving recklessly in a kid zone. (reckless driving, Adverbial)
  1. He knew just where to look for the book.  (Just, where to look for the book, clause)
  2. Unfortunately, I knew nothing about it. (Unfortunately, total sentence)

So adverb influences anything from verb to adjective to noun and pronoun, phrase or clause or a complete sentence!!  But, you should bear in mind that the primary function of an Adverb is to modify or add something to a verb.  Forget about other things (that is a matter of debate and controversy) and instill into your mind the two small words ‘Adverbs and Verbs.”  Adverbs are sometimes small, ~ly ending and sometimes a bit long, and jewels of adverbs.  When an adverb is placed in a sentence, the beauty and clarity of a sentence, increases obviously.  So what do you say?  Would you like to beautify your moments, your time?  Of course, you would like to. 

Wait for the next part for a detail description about the kinds of adverbs and the related things like degree of comparison of adverbs. 

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So till then, it is bye from you and all.  Have very good week ahead!!

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