October 02, 2008


Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela had great sympathy for the poor, suffering and it was for this quality today even, they are regarded as mass leaders. They served the starving and oppressed millions of their respective countries

In the above sentences note the adjectives like Poor, Suffering, Starving and Oppressed. These are adjectives still in the above sentences they are used as Noun with the help of the Definite Article “The” In the above sentences the noun People/s is there in concealed and implied form. We can say poor peoples, suffering peoples, oppressed peoples but safely the Noun peoples is left out without compromising the motif of the sentences.

A blind (people) cannot see
A blind man cannot see.
Or a blind person cannot see.

Instead we can say: The blind cannot see (Peoples implied)

Here the Definite Article ‘The’ is used to denote a community or mass or a stock of peoples. In this case you can safely leave the plural noun Peoples.

In this way you can use ‘The’ after Adjective. Note all adjectives cannot be used in this way but the following:

The dead The young
The sick The old
The blind The injured
The deaf The disabled
The rich The unemployed
The poor The handicapped
The mentally ill The destitute

These expressions cannot be used with a possessive ‘S
The problem of the poor or poor peoples’ problems.
(Poor’s problem Incorrect)

In other word speaking while using the above noted adjectives you cannot just leave out the Noun and put an S after apostrophe (‘S) or an apostrophe after S (S’).

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