October 13, 2008


The English vocabulary is rich and diversified, solely for its flexibility and broadness in taking freely from other languages.  It has not only contributed the development and evolution of other languages of the world but also has enriched its own vocabulary base. The process of this development is still on, as every day a lot of new words are being added to the vocabulary base.  Not that, only new words are being added but some words are going out of fashion and fast losing currency.  This process of interaction between languages is still on and in the interaction; the benefit is highly tilted towards the English language. 


Vocabulary is one of the important aspects of any language and people with amazing vocabulary base are gifted orator, as for their rich vocabulary they never stumble while speaking and writing.  A rich vocabulary base keeps the speaking and writing in flow. There are many ways to increase the vocabulary base without much effort.  Remember, rich vocabulary is not an item sold in any online store.  One has to do a lot of hard works to gather some new and essential words.  Scour dictionaries after dictionaries, hop from site to site, read periodicals and magazines to collect some words.  But all these efforts are time taking though essential. But apart from all these there are so many less important but essential techniques to enrich your vocabulary or word power. 


Am I straying around? Don’t worry I am coming to the point.  Yes, it is the FIXING.  No, no way related to match fixing, rest assured.  In English language, you might have known about the terms PREFIX AND SUFFIX.  You know it, I am sure.  Yes, in this series let’s discuss some Prefixes which are essential to further your word power.  Pre means before and fix means affix or paste or join.  In other words speaking, prefix is a small two or three or more letters expression or word which is added Before a root word to make a new word, similar or different in meaning from the original word.


Let’s discuss some Prefixes and their uses. 







A, An


Without, not, opposite to

Amoral, Atheist, asexual, agonistic


Old English


Abed, Abroad, Afoot, Alive

Ab (a, abs)


From, Away

Aversion, avert, abdicate



To, Towards

Adore, advise




Aero plane, aeronaut


Old English

Compounds of after

Afterlife, after though, use- to separate

Agro, agri







(1) Am, Ambi


Around, About

Ambient, amputate

(2) -




# This prefix generally assimilates before, b, c, f, g, l, n, p, r, s, t and converts into abbreviate, accident, accord, accuse, accede, affirm, affix, avow.



This is only a typical list and there are a lot of prefixes that you use without your knowledge.  So, go ahead scour some old grammar books of your grandpa and collect as much prefixes as possible.  Also it is important to know about their uses and master the same.  And lo, you acquire a rich treasure which comes with the Anti Theft Technology that denies a burglar to sneak in.  Lol.  Wish, you mastered them all and make words after words to help yourself and others.  Remember in enriching your vocabulary the role of others cannot be ruled out.  In fact the others who may be your parents, your friends, your teachers and well wishers, help in a varied way in enriching your vocabulary base as they give you chances to use your vocabulary with them.  So, never leave them.  Use the newly created in your writing and check their correct uses.  In this your teachers, peers and your elders can help you in rectifying your mistakes.  And last but not least don’t fear to commit mistakes.  Should you mind the small scratch then mind you, you cannot learn cycling.  In other words speaking, in your effort to learn new words you’re bound to falter and commit mistakes in using them.


Follow me and rest assured for some most clumsy, idiotic, un/in fantastic, unfamiliar gram-lessons.  Ha Ha. 


Courtesy:  ENGLISH SPELLING RULES by G Hoston.  This article is calibrated, following the afore-mentioned grammar book. 

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