October 27, 2008


The festival of light Deepawali that is celebrated throughout the length and breadth of India and in the countries where Indian population reside falls on Tuesday.  I was about to write an article on the festival but due to some time constraints, I could not write the same, possibly I was afraid I could not have finished the same as my research materials were varied and extensive.  And to web those materials to a garland might have cost me a day or two as that would have been at the cost of my official assignments and my family time.  Further, recently I marked that articles written in a hurry to meet a deadline are usually infested with minor grammatical and sometime silly mistakes that should not have happened.  No software is full proof and can weed out mistakes completely from an article.  Hence, manual weeding out is the only option available though it is both time consuming and strenuous.   One cannot avoid this option as it has no alternative. Recently, I had to edit one of my published articles for several times that cost my valuable time and inclination.  And some of keen observers of this blog might have noticed the mistakes and hated this blogger.  But English is such a language that needs massive proof reading and editing before final publication of anything.  Therefore, I decided not to write the article on Deepawali though it pains me for not being able to write the article.  But that is life of a blogger. 

Instead, I have collected these expressions that may be useful to you or you might be using some of these expressions in your daily writing or speaking.  A majority, close to 45 percent of the readers of this blog, come from the United States. Interestingly, Indians only come second though I am an Indian.  I express my deep gratitude to my fellow bloggers who have tolerated this blog and me called Sudam.  On this occasion of Deepawali, I wish all the readers and followers of this blog, elated and blissful years ahead.  I wish success and materialization of their dreams and Miles of Smiles to these illustrious peoples.  Let your lips blossom to distribute your happiness and spread the message of Knowledge and satisfaction there-from after acquisition of knowledge.     Happy deepawali and Haloween ahead.   So come on, cruise along on the shore of light and knowledge.

From untruth to Truth,
From Darkness to Light,
From ignorance to Knowledge,
From worry to Bliss,
From Wrong to Right,
Let’s make journey,
Towards these paradisiacal sites.

First footer
The person to enter a house in the New Year
First Lady
Wife of the president of the US or the Chief executive of a State.
First night
The first night of a performance.
First string player
The most skilled player.
An expert, a unique person or thing.
One horse town
A small Old fashioned and boring town.
One liner
A short joke, a funny remark.
One night stand
An occasion/ Person that you have sex with only once.
Look after number one
To look after oneself and not worry about others.
Second banana
A person in a subservient position.
Play second fiddle
One that plays a supporting role.
Second sight
Second string
A substitute when somebody else is unavailable.
Two faced
Double dealing, false.
To two time
To deceive somebody, have a secret relation.
Two way street
A situation which depends on the co-operation of two persons.
Third degree
The use of exhaustive questioning by the police.
Third man
A mediator
Third world
Undeveloped countries of Africa and Asia.
Three ring circus
A confused situation due to too many activities.
Three line whip
A short written order for MPs or MLAs to order to vote for something.
Fourth Dimension
Fourth Estate
The press. (Clergy. The lord and The commons are other three Estates)
Four eyes
One who wears glasses.
Four flusher
Someone who cheats others.
Four letter word
A rude offensive word.
Fifth column
A group of people who work secretly for the Army.
Fifth wheel
One who is superfluous or burdensome.
High five
Palm to palm joining to celebrate victory or to greet. 
To take five
To stop working for a few minutes.
Sixth sense
At sixes and sevens
In utter confusion or disorder
In seventh heaven
To be extremely happy.
Seven year itch
The desire for extra marital sex.
Behind the eight ball
In a highly dangerous position.
On cloud nine
To be extremely happy.
Nine day’s wonder
A great sensation for only a few days.
Dressed (up) to the nines
Wearing the best or most formal clothes.
Ten to one chance
Very probably.
Be ten a penny
To be very common, not unusual.
Ten strike
A stroke of great success, very profitable bargain.
Eleventh hour
At the last possible moment, just in time.
Talk nineteen to the dozen
To talk very quickly without stopping.
Thirty something
Someone in his 30s, educated, rich and well placed.
Forty winks
A short sleep after dinner.
Wife in a thousand
A perfect wife
64 thousand $ question
A hard question to answer, crucial one.
Look like a million dollar
To look very attractive.

You can slap me, hate me, kick me, love me, mail me or in extreme cases can subscribe me or leave your comment on the post.  Lol.  If you have no interest then I don’t press you as you are the steersman of your blog boat towards Light.  It’s bye, bye from you all. 


  1. interesting word list and meanings...I like your humble way of saying that humans can make mistakes too, and rushing to post articles can sometimes show this, I didn't and haven't noticed any mistakes ;-)

  2. aaahh i wish i could memorize them all.. i am looking forward the best time to use it in my blog. thanks

  3. Thank you Aniya and Kurt Kuden for sparing some moments to comments on the blog. Your comments only show the life of the blog.



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