October 18, 2008


Venue:  Mohali Cricket Ground
Team: India versus Australia
Game: 2nd Test.
Activity: Cricketing history rewritten. 
State: Chandigarh, India.
Date: The 17th October, 2008.

History was written once again by the world’s one of the greatest willowers.  Yes he was none other than India’s darling of the cricket lovers Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.  India as a cricketing country and Indians as cricket lovers feel proud to have a batsman of his genre, class, aggression and temperament who not only entertains the crowd but also brings innumerable laurels for his country and the game.  Mohali and its spectators had waited for their darling to eclipse the record.  Ricky Ponting and his battery of pacers led by Bret Lee had different strategy to block Tendulkar from achieving the great feat but the margin was too less to allow them any level playing field to disallow him surpassing the record.

What happened confused?  I know, you know this if you are a cricket lover.  Anyway, let me come to the point straight away.  The cricketing world had heard a lots about Brian Lara and Sachin’s on field rivalry.  And there are but lots of speculations on this issue.  But again Sachin proved that he is the great in both forms of the cricket-the shorter version and the longer version of the game.   Sachin became the highest run getter in Test cricket as he scored the fifteenth run of his innings of 88.  The stadium seemed to be dancing to Samba beats. 

Highest run getter in both form of cricket, highest century maker in both form of cricket. These records tell much about the legend whose name is Sachin Tendulkar.  Sachin really is the best and it is but a proven fact.  I’ve seen him playing since his debut way back in 1989 in Pakistan against the pace batteries of Pakistan like Washim Akram and Imran Khan.  At that time he was only a boy and the standard pad was blocking his thigh.  And Pakistani cricketers and media were laughing and criticizing the inclusion of Sachin in the squad and branding him as boy on milk. But he proved all of them as wrong and smashed the spin legend Abdul Qadir so ruthlessly that Qadir himself patted and praised him.  In his hey day, Abdul Qadir was unplayable like Muthaiya Murali Dharan of Srilanka and Shane Warne of Australia.  It was but a feat to smash 27 runs off an over of this legendary bowler.  It was during this series he came to be named as Little Master.  

Ever since his debut there is no looking back and all cricket lovers and india’s Cricket Board supported him blindly.  He came, he saw and he conquered the phrase suitable fits to Sachin Tendulkar.  He has conquered cricketing peaks after peaks and minds after minds.  God only knows how many more records would be made and rewritten till he retires from active cricket. Today he is such a legend that peoples respect and love him as a cricketing hero. 

As a willower he is unparalleled and unstoppable.  His hunger for runs is still there as fresh as the hunger of a lion.   Not only is he a willower but he has served his Captain as a part time bowler and baffled many established batsmen of the world with his unorthodox genre off-break bowling.  And he has proved his mettle in both forms of game-batting and bowling. 

He has served the cricking world without any break barring injuries.  Today’s international cricket is so demanding and exhausting that not every one is able to maintain a standard health to play for long without any discernible breaks between games.  But Sachin is great and his health and mind has supported him that has allowed him to rule for such a long time.  His contemporaries have either retired or gone out of picture after some years of active cricket. 

Every bowler cherishes his wicket and celebrates if one happens to trap him playing.  But Sachin is such a great cricketer that he has ruined the careers of many bowlers upsetting their statistics and averages as he bats without any mercy and accurate aggression.  When he would come to the crease supporters would dance and applause.  His each and every run is celebrated by clapping and sometimes by crackers though crackers are banned now.  His ruthlessness towards bowler is enjoyed by all and sundry.  His aggression provides joy and ecstasy enough to return more than the value of match ticket.  In other words speaking, he is a drug that every one wants to be addicted! As long as he happens to be on the crease, the noise level seems to be high thanks to Sachin’s penchant to score runs and hit the balls to the fence round the oval. 

On his way to eclipse Brian Lara’s record he missed his 40th ton by a bare margin of 12 runs as he was caught while he was on 88 runs.  The cricket world would remember Sachin Tendulkar after his retirement and everything would be compared with him and his feats, as he is a standard now.  Let’s this cricketing legend play quality cricket at his fag end of his career and set many more records for the posterity to break and emulate.  In Google a search of Sachin Tendulkar hit backs 1,580,000 pages in 0.08 seconds.  This amazing search result shows his popularity and legendary status.  Let this legend live long and serve the game of cricket actively either off field or on field.  Let all cricket lovers and Indians pray for his longevity of life.  Amen!

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