September 25, 2008


Smile smile and smile.  Really, the small reaction creates magic and mesmerizes all who are greeted by smile.  Smile is one of the delicious and beautiful body languages one like to sport and others cherish to see.  Smile happens to be a spontaneous reaction of the mind supported by various organs of the body like Cheeks, Lips, Denture, Neck muscles, eyes, eyebrows, temple and forehead and head.  Your body mechanism is so organized that all the organs seem to work in tandem and in synchronization.  The synchronized behavior of various organs is amazing and so are the reactions of the mind to a stimulative situation that generates smile.  Though all the above listed organs take part in ornamenting and beautifying a smile still it is the pair of the lips that exhibit the impulse of your body vividly and lucidly.  In other words, without the involvement of the pair of lips there cannot be any smile.  And this is why lips are the important body parts required to create a smiling face.


Undoubtedly, smile can be artificial and manipulative.  Manipulative smile is easily detected and discarded as fake solely for non-involvement and unsupportive behaviors of other peripheral body organs.  Rather this kind of smile can be said as wry smile with mismatch between outer and inner behavior.  So, it is better not to smile than branded as fake and face ignominy. 


Smile is the key to other hearts and minds.  Through a genuine smile one can enter into an adamant cell and scour inside without any protest.  Winning hearts of a love is not possible without a highly contagious smile.  Interestingly, smiling is an inherent and inborn art that a tiny tot learns in embryonic stage.  And it is not taught in any formal institution or no parental guidance is required at any stage. 


It is the presence of a bout of smile or absence of a bout of smile makes or mars a relation.  Smile triggers smile.  In other words, smile requires a stimulant like something funny, something delicious memory of past a delicious and visionary dream about the future in present, a financial boom, an acceptance of love or sexual solicitation or a discovery or invention or when someone says “I love you” with a broad smile.  It can be a victory or a defeat of a competitor, a success in examination that can cause smile and celebration.  And you would be surprised to know that there are many kinds of smile as smile differs from situation to situation and stimulant to stimulant.  Greeting is always supported by a short smile with the involvement of lips only. 


Smile can be noisy or silent.  Guffaw and eerie laughter involve the mouth and the vocal chord to produce the required high pitch sound.  The villains of Indian films seems to have mastered this art of laughter as very often they seem to laugh in this way throughout the three hours of a movie.  Girls are gifted with divine deliciousness in their tones and when they laugh it produces a jingling symphony that reverberates in the hearts and minds of guys presents there.   On a victory one laughs with supportive gestures from both hands.   This can be said as laughter or smile with celebration.  


Simper always happens to be artificial and sometimes becomes dangerous.  It is not supported by body languages.  The hero Lord Krishna of Indian Mythology was said to be adept in simper and he was so adept that he was able to hide the unsupportive behaviors of body organs and present the smile as genuine.  And it was for this reason no one was able to read his mind as he always had something in his mind. 


There is grin that is a broad smile, wry smile without any support from heart.  Wry smile always happen to be formal and situational.   Laughing can be offensive when done in front of a defeated person or when showing someone in bad light.



Beam, grin, leer, simper, smirk, sneer all these are synonyms of Smile and are verbs.

All these words can be used in noun also. 

Smiling face:  here smile is an Adjective. 



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