July 27, 2008

With THE and Without THE

Let’s analyze different situations when we use the article ‘The.’ It is used before countable Names (Nouns).

Union: The Soviet Union, The Union of South Africa.
Kingdom: The United Kingdom (The UK)
States: The United States of America. (The USA)
The United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands,
Republics: The German Democratic Republic (GDR)
The republic of Ireland.
Sea: The Red sea, the Black Sea, The North Sea,
The Arabian Sea.
Ocean: The Indian ocean, The Pacific Ocean, The Atlantic
Canal: The Suez Canal, The Panama Canal.
Channel: The English Channel.
River: The Nile, The Ganges, The Damodar,
Mountain: The Himalayas, The Rockies, The ARavalies,
Range: The Pir Panjal Range, The Rockies.
Desert: The Kalahari, The Gobi, The Sahara.
Islands/ Isles: The British Isles, The Andamans, The Nicobars.

The names of the individual mountain s and islands and the names of lakes are used without the article “The.”

Kanchnjungha (Name of a Peak)
Mount Everest.
Mount Deomali.
Lake Chilika, (Name of a Lake)
Lake Superior.
Lake Ontario.

‘The’ is used with the names of Newspaper and Religious Books.

The New York Time, the times of India, the Guardian
(Names of News paper)
The Gita, the Koran, the Bible, the Upanishads, the Gurugranth Sahib. (Names of Religious books)

‘The’ is used with the Nationality adjectives to mean the peoples of a particular country.

The British (People of Britain)
The Irish, The Dutch, The Swiss, The Indians
The Japanese, The Chinese, The Arabs, The Turks.

‘The’ is used before the names of Musical instruments.

The Harmonium is one of my favorite instruments.
The flute, the saxophone, the tabla etc.

Names of meals go without the article ‘the’

It is high time for dinner.
Lunch is important for all office goers.

Rest on some other day, follow me!!

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