June 05, 2008


That is ~ing is interestingly ~ed one (the noun.)

Let’s see the following pairs of Adjectives.


Boring                         Bored                          Amusing                      Amused

Exciting                       Excited                        Interesting                  Interested

Surprising                   Surprised                    Shocking                     Shocked

Confusing                   Confused                    Fascinating                 Fascinated

Amusing                      Amused                       Amazing                      Amazed

Astonishing                 Astonished                  Disgusting                  Disgusted

Annoying                    Annoyed                     Disappointing             Disappointed

Frightening                 Frightened                  Satisfying                    Satisfied

Tiring                          Tired                           Pleasing                      Pleased

Charming                    Charmed                     Worrying                    Worried

Embarrassing Embarrassed              Horrifying                   Horrified

Terrifying                   Terrified                     Depressing                 Depressed

Exhausting                  Exhausted                  



*      It was a surprising piece of news and I was surprised. 

*      He was rather confusing and Sam was confused meeting him.

*      Sheela was amusing and I was amused meeting her.

*      It was a tiring journey and I was tired.

*      The piece of news was embarrassing and Bill was embarrassed.  

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