June 05, 2008


Generally adjectives go before the noun or pronoun (one(s)) they describe.
It was an interesting film.
Anjolina Jolie is a very attractive actress of the Hollywood.
The oratory of Barack Obama is the secret of his success.
He is a good character artist.
I have bought some gifts for my little ones.
This is a normal position but there are rules and usages regarding other positions of adjectives.  Let’s discuss them one by one.
Adjectives come immediately after the compounds of Some, Any, No and Every.
  • I feel something interesting is about to happen.
  • Everything necessary will be taken care of.
  •  Everyone interested in the project will be mailed soon.
Adjectives can also be separated from the Noun usually following a verb like Be: (Am Is Are Was Were) Become, Seem, Appear, Get, Feel, Smell, Taste, Sound, Look:
  • Ram is sturdy but his brother Sam is rather weak
  • He feels tired doing even an easy job.
  • The tiding sounds to be true.  The sky appears blue.
  • The weather is fine and we can enjoy a lot biking.
  • Honey tastes sweet.  Margosa tastes bitter
  • Your composition was dulcet and I liked it very much.
  • You look dejected. What’s the matter?
There are some adjectives that come only before Nouns. 
Particular                    Principal                      Mere               Former
Chief                           Sole                             Sheer              Latter
Main                           Only                            Inner               Outer
Late (Dead)
  • There are particular causes for his increased anger. ( Not the cause is particular)
  • This is the main road that connects Washington to other parts of the USA
  • Your sole aim should be study.
  • Evening is the only time I relax.
  • It was a sheer waste of time and money.
  • Draw a circle inside the inner one.
  • Bill Clinton is the former president of the USA.
  • He has started an educational institution in memory of his late wife.
There are some adjectives that go immediately after verbs.
Ill                     Glad                Alive               Awake             Alike
Well                Content           Alone              Aware             Asleep
Unwell Afraid              Ashamed         Faint.
  • You don’t look well.  You look dejected.
  • I am glad to know about your success.
  • Are you content with your pay packet?
  • The two sisters look alike.
  • You must be ashamed of your behavior.

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