June 22, 2008

Curious Phrases

  • Break In: Breaking violently. Entered forcibly.

    • In break: Incursion, sudden in asion.

    • Break out: Seen suddenly.

    • Out break: Spread.

    • Burst out: Sudden coming out.

    • Out burst: An explosion, fulmination, showers of anger.

    • Cast down: To turn gloomy, despair.

    • Down cast: Gloomy looking.

    • Cast out: Throw out.

    • Out caste: To banish from a caste.

    • Come in: To come inside.

    • Income: Profit.

    • Come out: Expressed out, publish.

    • Out come: Consequence, Result.

    • Come over: To come some distance and join.

    • Over come: To cross.

    • Cry out: Ask for help.

    • Out cry: A fearful cry.

    • Do o er: Done for second time.

    • Over do: Act of over (Excess) acting.

    • Fall out: To quarrel. (Of hair, teeth) become detached.

    • Out fall: Origin.

    • Fall down: Fall off, come to the ground.

    • Down fall: Come to an end.

    • Fit out: Equipments of decoration.

    • Out fit: Full clothes, Small group.

    • Flow over: Flowing.

    • Over flow: Excess liquid coming out.

    • Go out: Off, disappear.

    • Out go: Expenditure.

    • Grow out: Grow more than expected or required.

    • Out grow: Crawled o er, grow faster, get too bog for clothes.

    • Hold up: Hands up, paused, stop.

    • Uphold: to continue. To support.

    • Keep up: Act according to, Continue.

    • Up keep: To manage.

    • Let in: To admit.

    • In let: The way to enter. A passage.

    • Let out: Give way to go out.

    • Out let: The way of exit.

    • Li e out: Maintaining.

    • Out live: Lived more than the expiry date. Li e more than the expected time span.

    • Look o er: To examine

    • Over look: to skip knowingly.

    • Look out: search for.

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