May 26, 2008


Plural: A supplementary to the Previous Post


Nouns ending in s, sh, x and ch (Where ch is not pronounced as K ) add –es for forming plural Nouns.

Stomach: stomachs

Conch: conches


Monarch: Monarchs.  Here ch is pronounced  as K and the nouns add –s for plural as usual.

Nouns ending with y and preceded by a consonant letter takes –ies to form plural.

Pony:  Ponies. 

Poppy: Poppies.

However, day becomes days, valley becomes valleys and toy becomes toys.  Here the preceding letter is a vowel.  



Nouns ending with the vowel ‘O’ and a consonant precedes then we add –ies to form plural. 

Potato:             Potatoes.

Echo:                Echoes.

Hero:                heroes.

Buffalo:             Buffaloes.

Mosquito:        Mosquitoes/ mosquitos.


Exception: Photo becomes photo.  Piano becomes pianos and radio becomes radio.

Noun ending with –f or-fe:  In this case we usually add –ves leaving the F part.

Half                              Halves

Calf                              Calves

Thief                             Thieves



Roof                             Roofs

Chief                            Chiefs

Gulf                              Gulfs

Proof                            Proofs

Scarf                            Scarfs/Scarves.

Hoof                            Hoofs/ Hooves.



By changing the inside vowel plural is made:


Radius                          Radii

Basis                            bases

Analysis                        Analyses

Crisis                            Crises

Oasis                            Oases

The same no change:

Deer                             Deer

Sheep                           Sheep


Some compound words:

Father-in-law                            Fathers-in-law

Commander-in-chief                 Commanders-in-chief



Man-servant                  Men-servants.

Woman-doctor             women-doctors.

Both part plural.

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