April 17, 2008

Like and As


As and Like can be used in different structures to indicate Similarity:
• He is like his father in appearance and conduct.
• Do like this.
• She is a fine singer as her mother used to be.
• Do as I tell you.

Like is a preposition; it takes a Noun/Pronoun after it (Father, This)
As is a conjunction; it joins two clauses. (She is a fine singer as her mother used to be)

1. As can be used in the following ways:
• Rabi writes as his father did. (The way his father did)
• I like the freedom to spend my day as I want to.
• You need not paint the doors and windows again. Leave them as they are.
I’ll do as you suggest. (What you suggest.)
• They didn’t do as they had promised.
As you know, a new headmaster has joined our school. (You know this)
• As we expected, the party failed to get the majority to form the government.
• As I said, he lives on his brother’s income.

Such as; As usual:
Such as (For example)
• Animals such as cows, sheep and goats are mammals.
• Countries such as India, the USA and the UK are democracies.
• Foods such as milk, fish, meat and eggs contain protein.

Such as is followed by noun.

As Usual:
• I went to bed at ten yesterday as usual.
• The telephone box is broken as usual.
(It is no surprising because it happens often)
• The train is as usual late.
• As usual, my mother was right and I was wrong.

AS (Preposition) +Noun:
• Let me speak to you like a father. (I am not your father, but I am speaking in the way your father might)
• Let me speak to you as a father. (I am your father and I am speaking in that character.)
• He worked like a slave. (He worked very hard; but he was a free man not a slave)
• The man worked as a slave. (He really was a slave)
• I worked there as a teacher for several years.
• During elections public buildings are used as polling booths.
• Gandhiji is remembered in our country as the Father of the nation.


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